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  1. E

    Question / Help "An Encoder Error Occurred While Streaming" After about 30ish Minutes of streaming.

    So I tried streaming today and as the title says, I got the encoder error occurred message after about 30 or so minutes of streaming. I tried a variety of fixes, installed CoreAudio encoder, checked my gpu drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled OBS, and nothing worked. It's worth mentioning that...
  2. H

    Question / Help Can't find the perfect settings for my hardware...please help lol

    First time forum-poster here. I have an i7 8700k, and a GTX 1060 6G card, and I've been trying for days on end to find the perfect settings for 1080p 60 fps to do ONLY local recordings with from the advanced settings, and have most of my games almost perfect, except for Rainbow Six, and Rocket...
  3. M

    Question / Help Can't open video

    Hi. I recorded a testing video since this is my first time using this, and when I try to open the video, it can't open. I'm on a laptop, too.
  4. D

    Question / Help OBS crashing when i put recording encoder to my AMD GPU!

    Hello everyone.I have been trying to fix this problem since i got a new pc.So i installed OBS studio and i recorded a few gameplays and when i was watching the recorded footage i realised my video was buffering in some moments and that video was recorded with my CPU and i thought my GPU is a lot...
  5. A

    Question / Help overload on obs trying new settings

    been messing with my setting a bit trying to make some text in black online look better and adding also overall better looking stream i am not sure if am doing something wrong. I am trying to use my video card since bdo is pretty taxing on my cpu i could do both on cpu but i want to leave some...
  6. P

    Question / Help hello guys!

    i am new to obs,i have a problem when i want to start recording i press my hotkey and it always says:invalid path or connection url. please check your settings to confirm that they are valid does anyone have a solution for this?
  7. D

    Question / Help Technical/Setting Difficulties Involving Framerate and Video Quality

    Anyhow for a bit of background, I've been trying to use OBS to make youtube videos again. I discovered that OBS was causing my computer to either blue screen of death. Or black screen of death, followed by restart under both scenarios. (I tested four times. Three Black screens, one blue screen.)...
  8. B

    Question / Help In game fps is fine, but recording comes out awful.

    GPU: GTX 1070 FE CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 1600 RAM: 8 GB 2666(4x2) I am having a unimaginably annoying issue. In game (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege) I get a steady 60 fps, (V-sync on). However, when i record it in obs the recording comes out awful. Usually like 10 frames per second in the recording...
  9. O

    Question / Help high gpu usage

    i had i7 3770 i was streaming just fine with rx 580 but i had to replace the cpu to ryzen 7 2700x and now i have to enable amd chill framerate controller to play games while streaming if not i get like top tier fps but the obs freaks out lags almost all the time i am looking for help to fix this...
  10. A

    Question / Help Is there a way to automatically start Replay Buffer on start-up?

    Seems a bit inconvenient to have to open OBS on start up to get the Replay Buffer going. Any way around that?
  11. joeygallegos

    Question / Help Recording Preview and Output Video lagged frames

    Hello. When I try to record in OBS (not stream) I am getting very laggy footage on preview and the output file when idle and when recording. During normal menus or static screens, the frames stay at 60 FPS with ~2% CPU usage. When I load into R6 Siege and start recording the actual gameplay the...
  12. V

    Question / Help Frames dropping pretty bad in game

    Heya, I've been trying to record games for some time now and whenever I start recording all the frames just start dropping like crazy as in going from 80 to 35 in certain games (WoW). I don't plan on recording anything "fast paced" or and FPS mostly MMOs. Looking at guides on here and google I...
  13. A

    Question / Help obs seems choppy, help please

    I am using an Elgato Game Cap HD to capture my Xbox one along with a i7-770, 16 gb rams, 2.8 ghz with a turbo up to 3.2 ghz. My internet should be more than capable which is about 106 mbps down and about 11-12 mbps up. I use a separate internet for my games and my computer. Im just looking for...
  14. D

    Question / Help Stream Instability since updating to High Sierra... kb/s in the Red

    I recently updated my 2017 MacBook Pro to High Sierra and have been experience a myriad of problems. OBS seems to freeze a bit on launch, which has never happened before, but that's manageable. I did have some lag issues with gameplay that I was able to manage by changing my encoder from...
  15. A

    Question / Help OBS Console Recording Quality Horrible Elgato HD60 Pro

    I have the elgato HD60 Pro and my pc Specs are GPU- GTX 1050 TI CPU- I5 8400 16 GB Ram Motherboard-MSI Z370 a pro my current log file is
  16. N

    Question / Help Streaming Setup for facebook live

    I have been using OBS for a few months now for streaming our church services. I know there is some better things that can be done to help fix the quality issues. I need some help. I am located in the northeast Ohio area, or could use some help through teamviewer. Right now I do only have a SD...
  17. P

    Question / Help OBS not recording my mic through Gamechat

    So I am recording Fortnite, and OBS is recording the desktop audio but it is not recording my microphone when I am using the in-game audio chat to talk to my teammates. I can talk to my teammates and they can hear me just fine, but OBS is not picking up the sound. When I am not playing Fortnite...
  18. Chewy77

    Question / Help Trying to improve quality, what can I change to achieve stable 21:9 720p 30 fps?

    First off here's the log file: Log File 29/07/2018 11:31 pm I was streaming ghost recon wildlands and I was trying out 21:9 720p from 2560x1080, I normaly stream 540p. And I noticed on the laptop i use to monitor my stream that there was severe lag in certain instances. I don't use the laptop...
  19. S

    Question / Help Poor streaming/recording quality, OBS settings seem totally unresponsive.

    I'm really new to streaming and OBS in general, but relatively savvy with computers. I would describe my problem as the title suggests. The quality in the preview pane of OBS is distorted, over-saturated or something. Not sure quite how to put it into words. I've gone through the forums, tried...
  20. L

    Question / Help OBS what should i get for my obs settings?

    so what should i get for these?