1. O

    Drop in fps in the game when OBS "detects" Minecraft, just by detecting the game window the fps drops by around 60fps +-. Help!

    I'm only experiencing a big drop in fps in the game Minecraft, in the other games everything is normal. When I open the game it is at about 160 fps +-, when I just open OBS without detecting any window it is still working normally, but when OBS detects the Minecraft window (Both in "capture any...
  2. J

    Recording on OBS turns my fullscreen application Borderless

    Hey Ive been trying to record some league gameplay for a while and every time I press record it turns my application to borderless I wouldnt mind but when i play league it stops me from scrolling with my mouse across the screen. I replicated it in windowed mode as well it made my windowed mode...
  3. B

    OBS crashing when tabbing into Valorant.

    Hey guys, I have the problem, that when I tab into Valorant, my OBS preview (so that screen where I can see what my stream sees) is freezing but my sound board and everything is is displaying how loud I am. And then 5 seconds later discord is crashing. I don´t know if this is only when I play...
  4. I

    Can't resize fullscreen game

    I used to be able to open osu! (1080p resolution letterboxed on a 1440p monitor), minimize it, then resize a frozen frame in obs. I am now unable to do this as minimizing osu! essentially hides the source in obs. I've tried the freeze frame plugin to no avail. I have also tried pressing ctrl+f...
  5. X

    FullScreen Projector Resolution

    How do I configure the resolution to 1920x1080p instead of 1280x720p? Both my laptop and external display has a resolution of 1920x1080p. Thank U
  6. H

    OBS-Websocket Tally Light α [Deleted]

    HewelDesign submitted a new resource: OBS-Websocket Tally Light - OBS-Websocket Tally Light Read more about this resource...
  7. B

    Game is laggy when in fullscreen with obs open

    Hi guys, ive scrolled through every thread on the internet but nobody had the right answer :/. However, im looking forward to testing out you guys' suggestions on how to fix this. When i get the application to windowed mode it stops laggging, also yes, ive tried downscaling my settings.
  8. wasawat_non

    Window Capture mode always stuttering "Any Applications"

    As the Headline I have the problem with "Window Capture mode" with OBS Stduio or SteamLab OBS While not capturing the Applications (Games, Browser and etc.) are just running smooth and fine. So my only solution I have is to use "Full Screen Capture mode" for games. But I still want to use...
  9. S

    My game is crashing

    Can someone help me with a crashing game when it's full screen and i want to minimalize it while i'm recording?
  10. NoxiousNM

    Odd behavior streaming csgo

    Weird behavior using OBS or streamlabs to stream csgo CSGO OBS Faceit AC Behavior FullScreen Game Capture OFF CSGO crash FullScreen Display Capture OFF Captured FullScreen Game Capture ON CSGO crash FullScreen Display Capture ON Black Screen| BorderLess Game Capture...
  11. A

    Mouse Disappears in fullscreen !

    Hello everyone, I currently have a problem when streaming with OBS, for exemple if I play Valorant in full screen (+30ms input lag in bordeless is huh...) my mouse will disappear (so not visible if I'm in the game) but only under these circumstances : - Valorant is in FullScreen - OBS capturing...
  12. A


    Im trying to record Minecraft, but whenever i go into fullscreen (f11) the recording zooms in. Any way to fix? or will i just have to play in windowed full svreen? any solutions are appreciated!
  13. W

    Black screen display, no game footage show

    i'm trying to stream persona 4 in fullscreen, using my second monitor but all it shows is a black screen, i make sure the display is showing the second monitor.
  14. Stinkisar

    Bug Report OBS Recording Black Screen issues with fullscreen mode in Photoshop CC

    Hello first post, I'm very new with the software I like it all quite a lot but I've encountered a really weird bug and no search so far helped me find a possible solution. Here is the clip of the bug > https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nqksuakmjqsf3d/2020-05-26%2020-44-14.mp4?dl=0 I've attached the...
  15. B

    Question / Help Resolution for non-game screen capture YouTube video

    I'm new to OBS. I want to create a series of 5-10 minute YouTube videos. Each video will be a screen capture alternating between a PowerPoint slide presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, an MS-Access database, a browser (Chrome), etc. I'll run each of those in maximized (full screen) windows and...
  16. Z

    Question / Help Black screen when trying to record using full screen (in osu!)

    I am trying to record a game called "osu!" with it being in fullscreen mode but OBS only shows a black screen. I found some tutorials relating to fullscreen - black screen problems, but they all seemed to be either outdated or not working (for me). I have an Nvidia laptop (Lenovo Legion Y520)...
  17. E

    Question / Help Fit to fullscreen

    Hello, So , i had an old monitor 1028x1024 60 - 75 hz , I have recorded some gameplays of some games and everything went good i rescalled the video to be on 1920x1080 so the black bars won't appear and i decided to make a change got a new monitor , that is bigger , and i can finally use...
  18. E

    Bug Report Minecraft wont record properly

    I make a "game capture" , I set it to "capture specific window" then it starts recording minecraft, but once I go FULLSCREEN it will only display 1/4 of the screen, only the top left corner instead of the whole screen, I've also tried doing "any fullscreen application" but then it doesent show...
  19. G

    Question / Help Recording in Fullscreen Issue

    Recently Built a new pc i7 9700k RTX 2060 16gig DDR4 I record Minecraft @ 1080p when i go into fullscreen mode while recording, i get a weird stutter that happens even though my in game FPS is always 300-900 I have tried all sorts of bitrate changes, almost everything I could think of. This...
  20. G

    Question / Help Hotkeys not consistent

    I am brand new to OBS. So please excuse if that was asked before but my search here cam back empty. I am using OBS to record my multi screen setup. In the config I set that fn-F5 and fn-F6 switch between scenes. This works as expected when I'm on the desktop. However when I change to FCPX in...