Mouse Disappears in fullscreen !


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Hello everyone, I currently have a problem when streaming with OBS, for exemple if I play Valorant in full screen (+30ms input lag in bordeless is huh...) my mouse will disappear (so not visible if I'm in the game) but only under these circumstances :

- Valorant is in FullScreen
- OBS capturing Streamlabs Alert Box (with chroma key but that doesn't seem to be the problem)

If the alert box is on but not captured by OBS, mouse is there, just OBS on mouse is there, but OBS capturing alert box ? No more mouse mate !
It is not a problem when playing but I can't see it at agent selection (i can still click things) and I can't see it to buy weapons.

I really don't want to get +30ms input lag.

+ Checking or Unchecking "Capture Mouse" won't do anything.
Everything works fine, except I can't see my mouse!

Any ideas ?


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Are you using Streamlabs OBS vs OBS Studio? if so, this isn't StreamLabs support forum. You should ask StreamLabs directly
For OBS, see pinned article at top of forum about posting a log with your session so folks can check your settings