mouse disappearing

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    Mouse cursor is not capturing in window capture

    I was trying to record Blender software using window capture. But the mouse is not showing in the window, but the mouse can be seen in all other capturing method. I like to use the window capturing method, so that the other screens won't be recorded if I switch the window. I tried tweaking the...
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    Mouse cursor invisible when it is a text cursor (display capture & writing code)

    I am recording tutorials and do streaming on game development but whatever I try mouse cursor becomes invisible to OBS when it changes to a text cursor hovering over the code. It is visible when capturing the window but not when capturing the display.
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    Mouse Disappears in fullscreen !

    Hello everyone, I currently have a problem when streaming with OBS, for exemple if I play Valorant in full screen (+30ms input lag in bordeless is huh...) my mouse will disappear (so not visible if I'm in the game) but only under these circumstances : - Valorant is in FullScreen - OBS capturing...
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    Mouse not displaying when using OBS with fullscreen minecraft.

    So I have an issue: when OBS is running at the same time as minecraft is, I can't see my mouse while i.e in my inventory (in minecraft) when I'm in fullscreen in minecraft. I know that was extremely hard to understand, here is a simplification: I have OBS running. I open minecraft, and put it in...