Odd behavior streaming csgo


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Weird behavior using OBS or streamlabs to stream csgo

CSGOOBSFaceit ACBehavior
FullScreenGame CaptureOFFCSGO crash
FullScreenDisplay CaptureOFFCaptured
FullScreenGame CaptureONCSGO crash
FullScreenDisplay CaptureONBlack Screen|
BorderLessGame CaptureOFFBlack Screen|
BorderLessDisplay CaptureOFFCaptured
BorderLessGame CaptureONBlack Screen
BorderLessDisplay CaptureONBlack Screen


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Works fine with other games

Things i tried :
* Restart computer
* Updated CSGO
* Updated OBS
* Re-install OBS
* Re-install CSGO
* CSGO launch option : -untrusted -allow_third_party_software -fullscreen
* CSGO Command : mat_setvideomode
* update Nvidia drivers
* update monitors drivers
* change monitors wire
* change refresh rate of both monitors
* change monitors
* reinstall Faceit AC
* launch order (face it / csgo / obs)
* launch in admin mode (obs / faceit / csgo)
* deleted every unnecessary services

It happened a month ago, and I could not fix it.
reworked alone
Happening again now