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    So basically I can stream with OBS or with Shadowplay. I prefer OBS much more, but when it comes to streaming, Shadowplay does the Job better in terms of quality and I don´t fully understand why Here are my Shadowplay settings: And here are my OBS settings: I CAN´T UNDERSTAND why...
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    Question / Help OBS Studio is not putting out enough bitrate.

    Currently, I use an ethernet. I have a ping of 11, 120ms download speed, and 10ms upload speed. My current settings are 720p 30fps, with 2000 bitrate and a keyframe of 2. The box next to the amount of bitrate is normally red or orange for me. It also says that only 1000 bitrate is being...
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    Question / Help OBS/OVERWATCH Help

    Hi, I'm edge, I'm an overwatch streamer, kind of new around OBS forums, but decided to join here from watching OBS posts a while back. Anyway, my question is... Now, on OBS Studio, I use the NVENC encoder with a 5500-6000 bitrate mainly all the time, with a preset of low latency high quality...
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    Question / Help Screen Recording when uploaded on youtube plays only at 360p and 720p on a mobile phone ?

    I have recorded my desktop screen and uploaded them on youtube and the video files only play at 360p and 720p or 360p and 1080p when played in a mobile device. although it plays absolutely fine when played on a computer. I have tried every possible bit rate and frame rate settings but none...
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    Question / Help Pixelation Problem

    Hey there everyone... So I am sure many of you know that some other users have been having trouble with this issue and I am as well. I have attempted to change my OBS output settings to fix this problem but it seems consistent no matter the effort I attempt at solving it myself. This problem...
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    Question / Help Bitrate Inconsistency. Log included

    Hello, I am a twitch streamer and lately have been having problems with my bitrate through OBS. Most times I am fine and then occasionally I will start to bleed frames with my bitrate jumping around. If I switch to a less intensive game and a lower bitrate setting I can prevent the frame loss...