Question / Help How to know what to set the bitrate to for a stream?


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Hello. I recently started using OBS in an attempt to stream. I was curious was to set my bitrate at for streaming (on twitch). My internet is fairly slow (25 mbps download and 10 mbps upload). I only plan on streaming low resolution games (low bit/frame rate games such as gameboy/nintendo ds games). Through research, it appears that my best bet for a 720p/30fps stream is a 2000 bitrate(CBR), veryfast CPU usage, and high profile. I still find myself having very, very laggy streams however. Any help is appreciated! Im new to forums and not very tech-savvy or tech-intelligent, but ill try my best to understand or respond with any further information that is needed. I should also mention that im not sure how to copy logs from OBS, so if a log is needed, if anyone could also explain how to copy the logs being asked of, that's all greatly appreciated! Thank you :)