audio and video lag

  1. S

    Camera and Audio Works when Alt-Tabbed from a game, but Stutter when in-game, even if the game is still running on the background.

    Well i just discovered this today.Was planning on starting the year playing BG3 but, for some reason, my camera just refuses to work.The game can be running on the background, animations, fights, everything, if alt tabbed, the Webcam works perfectly.But when i alt tab back into the game, webcam...
  2. I

    playing switch on obs with several issues

    because i wanna play on my switch in my room at higher res, i bought a capture card. i downloaded obs to play and it’s working really poorly. there is video delay, audio works but there’s audio delay, and the res and framerate look really bad. i’m 100% sure it’s not my laptop since, not to brag...
  3. J

    Can anyone give me recommendations to fix frame lag in recordings? I'm at my wits' end

    So I'm trying to record gameplay and my camera at the same time but keeping both in full resolution (3,840 x 1,080 canvas) and using separate audio tracks so I can then edit them easily. I have changed a lot of settings but I still get a few skipped frames, which wouldn't be much of an issue if...
  4. C

    High CPU and Audio Distortion

    Hey, I'm working on setting up presentations we can present to customers and will be using OBS primarily over Zoom, or another Webinar option I'm still researching. My test runs have not gone well, my CPU is getting throttled to 100% and the audio coming in from others and going out is really...
  5. JohannesMidgardr

    Delayed and scrambled Audio in stream and recording, using Discord

    I was trying to record and stream a podcast eps. My audio was delayed and after a while it started making a horrible sound like a scream from the pits of hell. Then went back to just delayed for a min or two, then it kept on making the horrible noise again. It did not record the sound from the...
  6. W

    Subpar Audio and Video Quality

    Hi, my vocal quality with my Blue Yeti X is not good with muffled sound and a quiet ringing noise, as well as my video recording being low quality. Here is my log file as well as the analyzer: Log: Analyzer...
  7. J

    Monitoreo correctamente pero el audio sale desfasado

    Hace unas semanas estoy utilizando el plugin de monitoreo de auidio (en versión OBS 27.2.4 64 bits windows), funciona muy bien y ayuda mucho. El problema es que al comenzar a transmitir, en algún momento se corta muy brevemente el audio de la transmisión (menos de 1 segundo) y vuelve, pero...
  8. mwhitlo

    Audio source sometimes aggregates monitor then plays back-to-back, plays to recording fine

    I've got a media source of a short mp3 audio clip, something like 0.8 seconds. Other media sources seem to be working appropriately, but this one will occasionally just not play any audio to my audio device. If I continue to replay it, giving it a second or so between replays, it will eventually...
  9. P

    Audio delay with NDI Dual PC Stream

    I've been having audio delay issues off and on for the last year of streaming using NDI since my streaming pc is a laptop. I thought I fixed it by switching it from streamlabs to obs studio. From my stream vod everything was good until 3hours...
  10. I

    Impossible to sync audio and video due to audio plugins causing targets to randomly move

    I've been trying and failing to sync all my audio (specifically outputs) and video for the past few days. I understand that it's impossible to sync everything 100% (as I'm not using something like Jack Audio that would actually sync the clocks of all these devices), but I'm not even able to keep...
  11. zeushdlive

    Help! Twitch VOD Audio Track issue

    So before you pass judgement or tell me what I should or shouldn't do, I run an over-the-road truck driving stream on Twitch. Don't worry, I use TTS on the chat so I'm not distracted or anything. Moving on to the problem at hand.. First, you have to understand that I run my stream off a...
  12. J

    Audio Sync Offset Not Consistent

    For audio we are using Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface to capture audio output from an audio mixer with several wireless microphones, insturments, etc... For video we are using Amcrest IP cameras and funneling the RTSP feed into OBS. I am able to use the advanced audio properties to change the...
  13. Cody&TylerSTUDIOS

    Slight Lagging While Recording And A Slight Bit Of Crackling Audio And Laggy Audio

    Ok, So I Was Recording A Video For My YouTube Channel And Used OBS To Record The Video With Elgato HD60s And There's Still A Little Bit Of Lag With Crackling And Laggy Audio, Is There Any Way That I Can Fix This Issue? OBS Log Here: OBS Log
  14. A

    OBS recording of Minecraft gameplay ends up laggy

    Hey there guys, I hope you all are having a great day. I've just recently started getting into recording lets plays. I haven't been able to release anything yet because every time I try I end up doing something wrong and learn from my mistakes. This time I thought I had everything figured out...
  15. R

    OBS Stops Working when used for a long time

    I have been experiencing this painful malfunction by my obs studio for months now, but no youtube video or post could solve that. Every time am using OBS for Reaction video, it actually works fine sometimes, but when I use it for a long time (hours), Its Starts ducking my audio and the video I...
  16. shurui

    Audio Clipping in OBS Streaming (Facebook Live) [Church Live Stream]

    Hello! We're having this problem for a while now. The audio clipping started when we used a condenser mic instead of a dynamic. We can't find a solution despite doing the video tutorials on how to setup OBS for FB live streaming. I can't understand though, why the problem only happens in the...

    FFMPG for recording

    Hello all: I generally have used OBS for streaming. But more recently, I have been using the software for recording and editing in Premiere and Rush and some other software. I mostly do tutorials for some end users. So, pretty basic stuff. As I looked through some of the advanced...
  18. crzyg8r

    OBS Record Sync & Jumping Issues

    Hey guys, I've read up on this and know there are known issues in OBS with audio and video sync issues that can be resolved by using the Offset setting on the microphone input and using Monitoring Device option. But my problem is a bit different. Using the Recording option in OBS, sometimes my...
  19. D

    Capture card audio getting cut off midway in streams so does in the recording

    Please help me, when I stream certain games, the capture card audio getting cut off midway in middle of the stream, also sometimes my mic audio too, even though when I streamed that time it detects my mic and all
  20. K

    Import into Pr for editing; audio and video are out of sync.

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and stumped on something that probally has a simple solution. I record in OBS in mkv format and remux it to MP4. When I watch either video file everything is fine on my pc. However when I import it to Adobe Pr to edit the sound is echoing and out of sync with the...