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win-capture-audio v2.2.3-beta

works exactly as described and that with win 10 "21H1"
Have been using ever since I found it, fixed a bunch of issues with my audio and eased setting up audio for separated tracks.
This plugin is actually a godsend compared to having to use voicemeeter. Yes, my OBS does crash maybe once a week but its a quick restart and it never happens when I'm live or recording. Totally worth it as it's only a beta.

The only gripe I have is that the audio sources show up in the source window as sources. If there could be a way to make this work cross scene without having to use duplicates or make it work inside the audio mixer window the plugin would be essentially perfect and something I would have expected to be in base OBS.

I recommend this plugin to absolutely everyone. Voicemeeter is just waaay too intrusive especially when I'm not using OBS and this plugin completely fixes that for me.
Wonderful plugin and simple enough in execution. Thanks for doing the good work out there!
Works great, even on Windows 10 21H1. No more hassle with separating audio. You just grab the app to get its sound and its sound only. Should be an integral part of OBS in the first place.
ok i think i figured it out why this happens. seems like warzone has 2 channels for ingame audio and ingame communication so the plugin picks up only one, the ingame audio. so yeah i think thats what it is.
Perfect. No need to mess with (great but somewhat confusing) programs like VoiceMeeter and confusing loopbacks just to control what audio you want to let your stream hear.
Managed to replace Voicemeeter with this plugin and it's pretty amazing. I only have issues with it not having game detection to associate it with a source but also because my OBS now freezes when I'm closing it and has to be force closed.
Has worked flawlessly so far!
Realy nice job, congrats.
I'm having some issues in capturing audio from chrome (mult windows open) sometimes take time for the plug-in to recognize the correct window and in youtube, when the song chance I´m getting a hard daley for the new song to be cast on OBS.

Sometimes crashes when using with Audio Monitor plug-ing.

And, I think it will be a good thing to do is add virtual cables, so we can use system sounds.

Thanks a lot... noice job!!
Holy mother of plugins, I can't believe it works! Amazing work, thanks for creating this. This was a long awaited feature, it will help so many people. Thanks.
This plugin is a fucking game changer. Last build (24 hours ago) stopped working after 2 minutes, this one works perfectly. I am able to capture only my spotify while running youtube in the background, and anything else doesn't get captured. Highly recommend to any and all streamers of any sizes.
This is precisely what I needed for those nights I get the urge to sit back and chill with some Music and Rocket League. It's stupidly easy to set up and use and it only took a minute or two to figure out how to add only the audio I wanted.

Now I can listen to any music I want and stream without worry about getting bombarded with dozens of copyright strikes.
You just made so many people's lives easier, especially for those that had to explain Voicemeeter to streamers and had them make it work via voice call or TeamViewer

I give it 1 or 2 major releases and this will be part of core OBS.

Thank you! This is way easier than messing with windows audio settings, installing virtual audio cables, etc.
Just add an audio source, choose which application to record, and you're good to go.
Great plugin.

As it is in early stages, there's quite a few creepy crawly bugs here and there but overall does its job.
Can't wait for what it'll be like a few releases down the line. I can't wait to use it more often then.
With the early issues now ironed out, this plugin is a must-have. OBS 28 introduces a similar feature, but doesn't do it nearly as well as this plugin. Incredible work bozbez, thank you for this!
I liked the plugin I liked the functions that have a pity that it is not compatible with MacOS X and linux when you will release the final version of win-capture-audio
I love this plugin, and it has such great potential. But my number 1 issue is that I've noticed I can't separate the Application Audio Capture into different channels. What I mean by that is that whenever I change one of them to channel 2, it won't pickup the audio, and will only pickup the audio on channel 1.

Now idk if that's something you can fix, or if it's an OBS problem, but I would absolutely love to be able to do this.

Other than that, it's amazing. Being able to have my discord as a separate audio capture is great, and I love also having my game audio as a separate audio capture.
I had low Desktop Audio volume issues in my recordings, since I upgraded to newer OBS versions. I tried many suggestions and workarounds from the OBS forum, but nothing fixed my audio.

This plugin finally fixed my low audio volume issues! Now, my recordings have perfect audio.