viewer-subscriber-counter (Youtube and Twitch)

OBS Python viewer-subscriber-counter (Youtube and Twitch) 0.2

New Features:​

  1. Separate Text Sources for YouTube & Twitch: Now, you have the option to display viewer and subscriber counts for YouTube and Twitch in separate text sources in OBS. This gives you more control over how you show your stats during streams.
  2. Combined Counts: If you prefer to use the same text source for both platforms, the script will automatically combine the counts for you, giving a total view across YouTube and Twitch.


  1. Checking API Keys: I've added a check to make sure you've entered your YouTube and Twitch API keys before the script tries to fetch data. This should help avoid unnecessary errors and make things run more smoothly.
  2. Saying Goodbye to 'requests' Module: I've removed the dependency on the requests module. Now, the script uses urllib, which is part of the standard Python library. So, installation and setup just got a bit easier!
A big thanks to hmeneses and his Youtube chat and channel updater for the idea of using urllib.request instead of requests