Youtube chat and channel updater

OBS Python Youtube chat and channel updater 0.02

A python 3.6 script that updates a browser source with the latest youtube chat url, and a text source with the title of the same video, you need to provide the URL of your channel, so the scrip finds the newest configured stream, and extracts the URL of the chat, and the title of the video, and then it writes the URL of the chat to the browser source you define, and the title to the text source you define, it should also help as work around for the people that has the Chat windows / Browser Source freezing.

In order to make it work, (or make any python script in obs work) you need python-3.6.0-amd64, or use if you want it to download directly.

After the python installation you need to install lxml with pip install lxml. then once phyton and lxml is installed, select the scrip in OBS and in the script window provide the url of your channel and update interval.
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  1. youtube changes fix

    a quick fix for the changes in how YouTube constructs their pages, you need to add "/live"...