1. AndreiProRO

    Gamepad Viewer not showing in recording

    Hello! I just got a new PC and i was trying to set up my controller in obs using gamepad viewer, i do it how you're supposed to do it, but nothing pops up, its transparent.
  2. V4n1X

    Non-OBS Script Trovo Viewer Counter v0.3

    TrovoViewerCounter Hey guys, trovo is a new streaming platform, so no tools exist yet. I started creating a simple viewer counter script in python. More detailed description is found on github, also a simple installation and usage guide. Have fun :)
  3. I

    Question / Help Mobile Viewers Unable To Watch My Stream

    I have had a bunch of people tell me that they are unable to watch my stream on mobile. I've included my logs with the post, pls help, it's been like this for almost a month and Twitch support has been not helpful at all. I can't imagine how many people I've lost because of this issue.