• Added Danish translation
  • Add option to increase request time out for spotify
  • Fix issues with covers for vlc which contain unicode characters
  • VLC uses first active source instead of just the first source
  • Increased dialog minimum size since people kept thinking that options were missing
  • Browser widget fits cover and centers it and progressbar color is determined by the cover art
  • Fixed some issues when having multiple browser tabs open when using the user script
  • Updated OBS version and dependencies for compilation
  • Fixed crash when playing local files with Spotify
  • Updated Russian translation and fixed some mistakes in the English translation
  • Updated Chinese translation
  • Fix some issues where slow requests would freeze the ui
  • Added some additional debug logging which can be enabled by starting obs with --verbose
  • Fixed an issue where the timeout for spotify commands would not reset
  • Added the option to output the name of the currently playing spotify playlist
  • Added basic lyrics extraction, which will look for a the lyrics metadata tag in the song files (only works with MPD)
Added support for MPRIS, Windows Media Control and fixed an issue with Youtube music.

MPRIS and Windows Media Control are interfaces for linux and windows that allow media players to share their metadata with other applications. Any player that supports them can now provide information to tuna.
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Fixed a crash that would happen when trying to download covers from itunes.
Also added some more logging for library versions and spotify configuration
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Last update introduced a crash which should now (hopefully) be fixed.
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MPD now reuses the connection for fetching data. The userscript has been updated. Youtube, Youtube Music, Deezer and Soundcloud should now work properly again. You can download the latest script version here.
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No major changes other than an update to Qt6 and OBS 28.0.0. This release will therefore ONLY work with OBS 28.0.0 or later (and the release candidates)
Old format options will now be converted to the new options (i.e. any output using %t will be converted to {title} etc.)
The dialog now also warns users if they are using the old options.
Also fixed the "remove file extension" option not working.
Completely overhauled the formatting system. Now uses full variable
names like {title} or {TITLE}. Added extra options for VLC since VLC
apparently uses a bunch of custom metadata types.

Also changed some things in the JSON representation of the song. It
should now contain all info that is available.

Fixed progress bar jumping around. The progress bar now smoothly moves
using the frame time and gradually speeds up or slows down if it is
behind/ahead of the actual song position.

Because this release changed a bunch of things there's a chance that something broke,
if that's the case you can always use the previous release and create an issue on gitea.