SogeBot - Twitch Bot

Free SogeBot - Twitch Bot 14.14.1

  • If you are updating from previous version, please run npm run migrate and npm install before running a bot
  • bot can have multiple owners now
  • cooldowns can be global or per user (#109)
  • Added (var.#) for setting and getting custom variables in custom commands
    • Example:
    • custom command settings !mmr with response (sender) my awesome mmr is (var.mmr)
    • !mmr 7410 - sets mmr variable
    • !mmr will respond with @sender my awesome mmr is 7410
  • notice can contain symbols now
  • removed !top command
  • added message count to !me command
  • added (random.subscriber) and ( filters
  • possibility to enable/disable prices, notices, custom commands, aliases and keywords from dashboard and as commands (e.g. !notice toggle <id>, !command toggle <command>) (#118)
  • !uptime format can be changed in settings->systems (#119)
  • cooldowns messages are sent as whispers
  • added bot response time to status
  • added !set moderationAnnounceTimeouts true/false to send moderation message to chat (#124)
  • various optimization
  • Fixed cooldown crash
  • Fixed buttons refresh in webpanel
  • Fixed keyword bot crashes
  • Aliases with arguments are properly working now
  • Changed menu - created manage and settings dropdowns (#78)
  • Keywords are now case insensitive and symbols can be used as keywords
  • Custom Commands responses can contain symbols now
  • Added !set mute true/false to disable bot responses
  • Added bot response filters: (, (, (random.viewer), (random.follower), (random.number-x-to-y), (get.#) - # can be any string
  • Added (set.#) for setting custom variables in custom commands
  • Various fixes for cyrillic
  • added public /playlist endpoint
  • added cooldown system
  • added song request and playlist toggle
  • added migration tool between version of bot
  • added Cyrillic support