1. E

    WebSocket + Nodemcu.. Led Register

    How you can join the OBS WebSocket in Nodemcu, just as a scene becomes active or does not lead to any node. make a registration led, show an active scene or not at the time of transmission
  2. JustChap

    LibOBS relative imports config

    Hi there! I'm working on integrating OBS into a NodeJS application via Node's native addons API and, while I can get it working in a test environment, I'm having some trouble when packaging it with the application. C/C++ development is very new to me, so please forgive any simple mistakes :)...
  3. satont

    Free twobit bot 2.0.0

    Twitch bot built on node.js All actuall info can by founded at Features Custom commands. you can create command with javascript evaluation already in bot builder variables also supports custom variables Timers. Send message in chat every N seconds Variables...
  4. S

    Free SogeBot - Twitch Bot 12.9.3

    Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js Readme Installation Command list FAQ