1. T

    Twitch Bot or PhantomBot Script with OBS Remote

    Besides DeepBot and Streamlabs ChatBot, there is no Twitch bot with OBS remote functionality. DeepBot costs money, and Streamlabs ChatBot is not preferred since I use StreamElements.
  2. JettWilliams

    Free Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

    JettWilliams submitted a new resource: Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller - A controller for overlays, VODs and data on competitive gaming streams. Read more about this resource...
  3. 700hours

    Free Trotbot Visual - A Bot Program v1.0-rc

    Trotbot Visual v1.0 rc Update 2: NEW There was a problem with getting the bot started. Unless you had the correct Microsoft.Extensions.Abstractions.Logging.dll file, which this current does now provide as of this moment, it would fail to start. This has been fixed. Introduction: The origin of...
  4. S

    Free SogeBot - Twitch Bot 11.3.3

    Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js Readme Installation Command list FAQ