1. dkunin9

    Any way to change cooldown for timer in Python?

    Hi, I am new here and already have some stuff to solve: For example I have a command !command It is written in chat every second (i set it in timer) I have a condition when it is needed to change it's cooldown from 1 second to i.e. 2 or 3 or 5 How to handle this? Any ideas? Thank you, OBS...
  2. 700hours

    Free Trotbot, Chat Bot API

    Trotbot console app and library Summary Alone, this is a program that connects to Twitch chat rooms with the required user credentials just as any other IRC client would. It also allows for chatting through the console from the bot. Though, seeing as that would not be efficient, there are hooks...
  3. T

    Twitch Bot or PhantomBot Script with OBS Remote

    Besides DeepBot and Streamlabs ChatBot, there is no Twitch bot with OBS remote functionality. DeepBot costs money, and Streamlabs ChatBot is not preferred since I use StreamElements.
  4. JettWilliams

    Free Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller

    JettWilliams submitted a new resource: Streameta - Tournament Stream Controller - A controller for overlays, VODs and data on competitive gaming streams. Read more about this resource...
  5. 700hours

    Free Trotbot Visual - A Bot Program v1.0.1.2a

    Trotbot Visual v1.0a dev Introduction: The origin of this bot came from looking for streaming applications that would visualize chat for the stream. While this feature seemed out of date with Twitch providing the chat log history for each VoD, it was an old throwback to times of otherwise...
  6. S

    Free SogeBot - Twitch Bot 14.14.1

    Free Twitch Bot built on Node.js Important links DISCORD: GITHUB: DOCS: ISSUES: RELEASES: FORUM...