Semi-free SiiliCam-Obs 1.0.13

With newest android 14 the siilicam app doesn't work currently, and only starts working when you turn on Wireless Debugging, I'm investigating why this happens and will fix it shortly
new rest api endpoint to change the text sources text
Removed source hiding from setFirstMatchingNDISource since it made no sense that it would hide it
Now new rest endpoints include changing the visibility of the obs plugin and setting the siilicamera through rest api with a substring of the actual mdns name
Now the rest server gets updated obs source name
Added an installer, so now you can install the plugin either using the installer or manually moving the files
Pro version now supports different resolutions
Phone app had auto-rotation in the images, now in pro version you can lock the rotation to the current in the settings view. The current version of the free or the pro version the camera switching doesn't actually work but tomorrow there will be an update which fixes it.
Now no crackling and the audio and video will be in sync since I disabled the async sync buffer.
OBS apparently has timestamps in microseconds and I fed them in nanoseconds which caused the video to have a delay