SiiliCam-Obs 1.0.13

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SiiliCam-Obs - Streamline Your NDI baseSiiliCam Experience Directly in OBS with Real-time Control and Customization

Experience lossless video integration like never before with SiiliCam-OBS. This specialized OBS Studio plugin taps into the power of NDI technology to offer seamless and lossless integration with SiiliCam—a mobile application for turning your phone into a high-quality camera. Control real-time zoom, switch cameras, and more directly within OBS, all while enjoying the superior video quality that NDI provides. The plugin also features a built-in REST server for HTTP-based control. Note: The...

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SiiliCam now in google play

The free version is available at google play and paid with options like framerate to control battery usage, ndi group and mdns name to gain better control over your siilicamera. Also in paid version phone screen can be closed which improves the android camera performance quite a bit (s10e lags a lot when the screen is on but closed it works good). Paid is at...

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Tonny Sarmento

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Testei a versão free e não consegui encontrar na rede do OBS 29.1.3 Testei também no Prism Live Studio e não encontrei na rede.
Hi, I downloaded the compressed file, but where do I put the 5 files I found? I suggest you include a guide on how to install it on OBS
Yeah I added in the description a small tutorial. Please give feedback if you can't install with the instructions, ill edit it to make it more clear / fix it if its completely wrong.


Hi, usually the other plugins that are not installed do the following:
The files are already loaded in the folders set up for obs, unfortunately I don't speak English, I use Google, I advise you to look at another non-installable plugin and see how it is loaded, look at this one for example, it has the folders and inside the folders there are the divided files , is simple.



I followed your guide, but nothing works, there are 6 files, 2 files I put where you said, and where do I put the other 4?


But the language file? I would like to have it in Italian, usually the plugins have the language files which I then translate into my language
One question: what changes in the paid version of the App with the free one
yeah thats not so clear, so you can actually close the screen making it send much much faster the data. Also if you wish, you can change the name of the siilisource or even change the NDI group.

What benefits?
Closing screen: Androids camera api sends images much much faster for my listener when the screen is closed = we can send frames more frequently
Framerate: you can put a upper limit on the frame rate making the phone battery last much longer

Siilisource name change: you can set the name so that its more clear which camera is which when you select the source. Also if you plan on creating a control script (eg. with python) you can match the name of the source easier. One use case could be you 10 players all have android phones and you would like to have this tournament setting where when you switch player in (csgo or dota) the camera switches in obs to that player. If you say that each player puts their steamid as the siilisource you can use the REST api provided by the obs plugin to change the players via python script. (if you plan to do something like this i can give a example and it will be mind boggling that its like 30lines of python code)
Group change: The group is hardcoded by default and in the free version to SiiliCam, making only siilicams show up in the OBS plugin. But there are also NDI based plugins and NDI tools provided by the developers of NDI. Those want the group to be empty to make the NDI sources to show up. So in pro version you can change the group to empty and it will show in those tools

The settings menu can be accessed via swiping from right to left, its there even in the free version