Sports scoreboard for online broadcasting of games (hockey, football and others) via OBS or WireCast.

All scoreboard statistics in real time are recorded in .txt files, which are easy to add to OBS sources (Text - FreeType 2).

ScoreBoard keeps statistics:
- Time (timer or stopwatch)
- Goals (points, strikes) for each team
- Period (time, quarter)
- Names of two teams
- Penalties for hockey and similar games
- Shots/Fouls for each team

New versions will be released on the Mac App Store, costing just one pizza.
But you can download the ScoreBoard v0.5 for free (simple stable version from 2021).
Download from Mac AppStore
result ScoreBoard OBS.jpg

All output data are stored in TXT files on the computer. Each of them can be used in OBS (add source: text) over a picture of any scoreboard. In the settings window (gear icon), you can select the desired directory to save TXT files.





ScoreBoard for OBS on MacOS (video instruction)

Errors, requests and questions are accepted — Support Page.
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Latest updates

  1. v1.12 in MacApp Store

    Added sound settings for the end of the main timer and the end of penalties.
  2. v1.10 in Mac AppStore

    Added setting to display zero in minutes if the value is less than 10 (example: 1:25 or 01:25)
  3. v1.9 in Mac AppStore

    Fixed change in penalty timers in different timer modes

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excellent little plugin, best one I have found for Macs