1. JEJ

    OBS Lua Comprehensive Stopwatch & Countdown Timer 3.7

    All things up and all things down in time. Modes: 1) Stopwatch 2) Countdown Property Configuration: 1) Basic - Hides all advanced settings 2) Advanced - Show all available configurations Note: Properties defined in 'Advanced' settings will remain active even if the config is set to...
  2. kopsap4ik

    Free ScoreBoard for OBS on MacOS 1.2

    Scoreboard for online broadcasting of sports games (hockey, football and others) through OBS. The program counts the time (timer and countdown), keeps the goals and period (half), and also shows the team names. You can download the ScoreBoard v0.5 for free (simple stable version). New versions...
  3. H

    Free Scoreboard+ (Windows) (macOS) 1.8.1

    New Scoreboard is being made at this moment Download: Windows Version: Click Here Mac: Version: Click Here Scoreboard+ is a scoreboard software that allows you to put a scoreboard in your live stream through .txt or .xml files. It is easy to setup using the tutorial video linked above. There...