Added sound settings for the end of the main timer and the end of penalties.
Added setting to display zero in minutes if the value is less than 10 (example: 1:25 or 01:25)
Fixed change in penalty timers in different timer modes
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When changing the main timer, existing penalties will change synchronously.
Can be disabled in settings.
Bug fixes and performance optimization
- Added hotkeys to remove the first penalty
- Fixed localization in the add penalty window
- Bug fixes and performance optimization
- Added a path string to the recorded files with the ability to copy the path or open the directory
Added shot/foul counter (any other statistic)

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- Fixed excessive consumption of threads when the application is running for a long time (thanks for ehcah74).
- Optimized system resource usage.
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  • Added penalties for hockey.
  • Numbers and timers of penalized players are written to separate files.
  • Added a setting to automatically remove the first penalty after a goal is scored. Removes only minor penalties (02:00).
  • Added goal counter setting, you can set any increments.
  • Reduced display delay in OBS after timer start.
  • Added control to the Touch Bar.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.