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    Question / Help I am pulling my hair with ndi source and obs on OSX. Can someone shed some light please?

    Does anyone have any experience with OBS and NDI source for OSX? No matter what settings, I tried almost everything, I record footage with elgato HD60s and there are always random moments where the audio gets cut off randomly as you will notice. This is a brand new iMac 2019 with an i5, 32GB of...
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    Question / Help Logitech Brio 4k - Runs poorly at 4k

    Hey guys, I've been trying to use my Brio at 4k on my mac, having recently experimented with it on a windows pc. On the PC, I'm able to set it at 4k (and numerous other resolutions) via unchecking the 'use preset' box. However, when I try doing this on OSX, I get huge amounts of lag at any...
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    I can't route the audio coming from Ableton Live into OBS Studio to stream on Twitch. I've already tried to create multiple Output Audio or using soundflower or using IShowU Audio Capture. Need help ASAP
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    Question / Help Sound & Crash Problem with OBS on OSX Catalina 10.15.2 (Streaming via Periscope)

    Hey lovely people ;) i´m a newbie and tried OBS since a week for streaming my DJ Mix with OBS to Periscope. My Problem: -after a few minutes (yesterday 1 hour and 17 minutes) my OBS Screen was frozen, then my iMac27 shut down automaticly and restart, open OBS my Browser with persicope again...
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    Question / Help No Audio, Elgato, XB1, mac and game capture.

    Hi, im new too this So im unsure if ive posted in the right area! I have an ELGATO HD60. This is connected with the 2 hdmi's and the usb cable. All working and Displaying in elgato's Game capture software. No matter what i do and how ive tried the sound doesnt work on OBS. I have set the video...
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    [Linux] [OSX] Essential Now Playing on Linux

    NOTE: This was tested solely on Ubuntu 17.10, so though this can work on OSX, you will have to work out those details. I really like to show the current song that is playing on my stream. Most of the music I listen to is on YouTube, so I would like to display the title of the video I'm...