A settings icon is missing though, maybe a quick update soon?! :)
Saves a ton of space in my OBS, 5 points for that alone. The only thing I would like is a settings gear, purely to save exactly half a second =)
It has a great look!!
As a suggestion, I could add more optional information, such as frame drops, and maybe even flashing buttons indicating that the recording is in progress or the transmission is still happening.

I would also love to have the option of being a vertical layout, to give more workspace possibilities
Wonderful presentation. My only wish would be to have the 'Replay Buffer' option available. :)
Much cleaner way to show these buttons without needing to lose more panel space, thank you for this!
Absolutely awesome
I am using in 2023 and it is awsome! It is working in version 29 BUT, when we close OBS it sends a pop up saying it crashed and giving the log. It does not impact, but there is a error message and the log shows this (I upload in my google drive because its too long):

*can not sent link here =(

Keep up the good work!
Very convenient, but it often causes OBS29 to crash.
Do you have a log? I've noticed OBS 28 & 29 have erroneous "crashes" with various plugins when exiting the program (it still exits, but not cleanly) — But if this is actually crashing OBS while its open I'd be curious to know why. You can file an issue on the github.
Damn, this is actually pretty great! Works flawlessly.
Much better and more useful than standard controls.
Might be nice if the option to include stats window info such as Average time to render frame, Frames missed due to rendering lag #/# (%), Skipped frames due to encoding lag #/# (%) in an abbreviated and smaller font just so stats window doesn't have to be kept open.
Great idea. Improvement over the default "Controls" dock.
Cool would be if it condenses the information and functionality of the status bar and controls dock intro one toolbar.