1. OldDirtDust

    Get full control of OBS remotely (Add and remove Items on Screen remotely)

    Hi everyone! I Just started to learn how to create different things for OBS, so I was thinking if it's possible to use something to control items position and size in real time remotely. Are there any resources, like with obs-websocket, that allow me to program something like that? Like a visual...
  2. MisutaaAsriel

    OBS Toolbar 0.1.2

    This plugin makes it easy to access common OBS controls in a toolbar-like widget, without the need of the OBS Controls Dock! Features Stream, Record, Studio Mode, & Virtual Camera buttons. Undockable, with top or bottom window placement. Status display, with stream status, recording status...
  3. J

    OBS 28 has WAY too much padding in buttons and controls

    The entire bottom part of OBS Studio has become much larger due to excessive padding, cannibalizing the space for the preview area. Fonts are too large, buttons are way too large. When I shrink the window as small as it can shrink, the controls are too small. I am on a 1440p screen using Windows...