OBS Settings Manager

Free OBS Settings Manager v1.2.0

I know, I know, it's been a looong time... But I finally got to work on updating this project!

With university and other, more personal stuff, I didn't have quite as much time and interest in working on this project. A few months ago, I had already updated one of my other tools, AppVolumeHotkeys which you should definitly check out, it could be quite useful in combination with OBS.

Enough of that though, let's get to this update!
This update includes a lot of fixes, UI and usability improvements, a new settings window, so you can change the location where your backups are stored and the ability to compare settings from a backup to your current OBS settings.

  • Added settings
  • Added backup comparison to current settings
  • Added about info and licenses
  • Fixed sorting
  • Fix crash when loading non backup file
  • Fix crash when using certain characters in backup name
  • Fix crash when no streaming settings file exists
And some other under-the-hood changes.

As always, if you find any bugs or have any ideas for improvements, please send me a message or open an issue on GitHub.
With this release I added sorting of your backup list and I fixed the import feature. I also added the AMF HEVC string and fixed some other little problems.

Next things to come are comparing of current and backed up settings in the detail view and maybe even filtering of backups.
Finally, I'm finished with all important school stuff for now and finally have time again to do some coding on private projects! As promised I will deliver you some new features with this release.

Since all my initially planned features are completed for now I thought it was time to move to Version 1.0.0, the official release.

You will now be able to import and export backups to make sharing settings or backups easier. Your exported settings will come out as a zip file which can then be imported again or can be extracted by hand. To make this possible I had to move on to .NET 4.5 but that shouldn't be a problem for anyone.

Another thing is linking videos. You can now link videos to backups so you can keep an overview over quality examples and such.

As I said these are all the changes:
  • Added Import/Export functionality
  • Added video linking
  • Fixed refreshing details
  • Move to .NET 4.5
    ...and a few other optimisations!
I am very sorry I haven't done more in over a month than to add some strings and fix some bugs...
Unfortunately I had almost no time during the last few weeks since I need to finish my final-year project for school!

But yes, I am still alive if any of you wondered. And I hope I can bring you some more features with my next update, probably coming during the next two weeks!

As I said this release only brings you a small changelog:
  • Added encoder strings for QuickSync and NVENC
  • Fixed a bug where you could try to open details of a backup after it was
  • Fixed the border style of the backup creation form