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Free OBS Settings Manager v1.1.0

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OBS Settings Manager - Keep an overview of your OBS Studio profiles and manage them in an easy, user friendly way.

What do I need this for?

The import/export function which is already included in OBS wasn't enough for me so I made this little tool which is supposed to help you keep an overview of your saved OBS configurations.

For now you can save new backups, add notes to them, give them names and see what encoder you used. You can also take a closer look at the settings you used in your backup and get them nicely listed up.

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Just a little something...

I am very sorry I haven't done more in over a month than to add some strings and fix some bugs...
Unfortunately I had almost no time during the last few weeks since I need to finish my final-year project for school!

But yes, I am still alive if any of you wondered. And I hope I can bring you some more features with my next update, probably coming during the next two weeks!

As I said this release only brings you a small changelog:
  • Added encoder strings for QuickSync and NVENC...
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Version 1.0.0 Release! Import/Export and videos

Finally, I'm finished with all important school stuff for now and finally have time again to do some coding on private projects! As promised I will deliver you some new features with this release.

Since all my initially planned features are completed for now I thought it was time to move to Version 1.0.0, the official release.

You will now be able to import and export backups to make sharing settings or backups easier. Your exported settings will come out as a zip file which can then be...
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Hello everyone, I'm back!
I started university back in 2017 and kinda lost interest in coding aside from my classes. Recently I decided to have a look at some of my old projects and managed to get back into the mood.
I updated one of my other tools in the last few days, which you can find over here. Now I'm planning to finally continue work on this project right here, so stay tuned for some updates very soon™!

Remote link had a Trojan virus attached to it two separate programs alerted to its content.
I can assure you those are false positives. It would be rather dumb including a trojan in Open Source software, would it? Still, feel free to look through my code and compile yourself.
I ran the file through VirusTotal for you and the only two positives are false positives, the first one probably reacted because I used InnoSetup and the second one is some weird machine learning score, all the renowned antivirus tools returned negative.