• Added localization support. Most languages currently use machine translation. Also I am not sure that RTL works correctly.
  • Removed the ability to create plugins. Now they are part of the program itself.
  • Extended tray menu.
  • Use safe display area has been moved to the module settings.
  • Changed the quick action buttons for Nvidia-like notifications. Now, when several notifications appear, it will still be possible to open the last saved file.
Added support for the ScreenshotSaved event. It will be activated automatically after the update (if everything goes according to plan).
This event requires OBS 29+.
OBS 28 is also supported!
Completely redesigned the way of processing AdditionalData.
Added limits on the properties of standard plugins. closes #4
Added autostart script for OBS. Now it is possible to run OBS Notifier simultaneously with OBS! closes #5

Added buttons on notifications to quickly open a file or folder.

Added a button for auto-correction and auto-formatting AdditionalData.

Added logging of global exceptions.
Added an argument to force closure if OBS Notifier is already open ( --force_close )
Added CI action for automatic creation of binary files.
Logger now has improved support for multiline messages.
Improved animation of Nvidia-like plugin preview.
Fixed a bug when settings couldn't load from an empty file.
Updated the plugin interface. Breaks compatibility!
Fixed the position of notifications on non-primary screens. ( #3 )