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OBS Notifier - Simple program for displaying notifications from OBS on your desktop

This is a simple program for displaying notifications from OBS on your desktop.
  • Currently only Windows is supported.
  • Does not display notifications in the form of overlays (such applications are usually banned in game anti-cheats).
  • This program will be useful if you have multiple monitors, or if your game/application is not running in full-screen mode. (You can also create a plugin with sound alerts.)


  • Supports...

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DimOkGamer updated OBS Notifier with a new update entry:

1.2.0 Update

Completely redesigned the way of processing AdditionalData.
Added limits on the properties of standard plugins. closes #4
Added autostart script for OBS. Now it is possible to run OBS Notifier simultaneously with OBS! closes #5

Added buttons on...

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