Works really well and easy to setup. I would LOVE if this also worked on Filter states. I use an audio monitor filter to mute my mic to my teammates, but the mic is not actually muted. I would love to have an on-screen notification while the filter is off.
I created an obs account just to rate this epic plugin. My PC is not able to run GeForce experience smoothly and moreover, I prefer the pro settings that obs has. So I download obs, however, GFE has one thing that obs doesn't, the notification. And this plugin really saved my ass. Thanks, this dev is a legend.
Interesting plugin, but its usefulness is debatable. If there is a delay in ending the stream, then it is useful to not wait for it to start or end, but with other functions, it is not as convenient. I really liked the feature presented in the description of opening the folder or file of the recorded video, but it does not work for me. When I click on the overlay, it just disappears instantly. (Win 11, OBS 29)