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Free OBS file verification and migration tool (FVAM) 1.7

I have created a Windows tool to analyze and migrate OBS’s JSON files (OBS_FVAM.exe) that allows to open a scene collection (OBS's JSON file) and verify that all files really exist. The JSON will not be changed (READ ONLY!)

On top of that you can migrate to a new folder:
Assign a new folder of your chosing for audio and video and OBS_FVAM will copy all media files and create a new scene collection with updated pathes. You can do a full migration or select files individually (like me: I have a huge video repository that I use shared, but I want the other scene images in separate directories...

Freeware - more description and download here:
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Latest updates

  1. Little enhancement re media source selection (all, none or "all but")

    For a selective migration (that is: not all media files are to be copied, e.g. if you have a...
  2. Bug fix for renaming the new scene collection within the JSON file.

    Version 1.6 fixes a bug when renaming the new scene collection within the JSON file. It may have...