Add Move Value Filter for audio sources
Add Move Source Filter Next Move option can trigger Move Value filter
Add end delay to move source and move value filter
Add option to disable the filter when move is done
  • Reverse Move for Move Source
    In Move Source Filter in the Next Move setting there is a "Reverse" option added
  • Timings per source for Move Transition
    In Move Transition Override filter there are start and end delays added.
  • Change source order for Move Source
    In Move Source Filter setting are added to change the order of the source at the start or the end of the move.

Add "Next Move On" option to move value filter
Add support for move between 2 different bounding boxes
Add support for move between 2 different positional alignments
Fix potential crashes
Fixed loading move value filter
Add move source start trigger options and explanations
Add option to start multiple move sources with a single hotkey
In Move Source filter set "Next Move On" to "Hotkey" and set the hotkey in the obs settings only on the first move you want to start.​
Add option to change visibility with move source.
Show actions will be done at the begin of the move and hide actions at the end of the move.​
add color to move value filter
fix move value int