Add "Next Move On" option to move value filter
Add support for move between 2 different bounding boxes
Add support for move between 2 different positional alignments
Fix potential crashes
Fixed loading move value filter
Add move source start trigger options and explanations
Add option to start multiple move sources with a single hotkey
In Move Source filter set "Next Move On" to "Hotkey" and set the hotkey in the obs settings only on the first move you want to start.​
Add option to change visibility with move source.
Show actions will be done at the begin of the move and hide actions at the end of the move.​
add color to move value filter
fix move value int
Add move value filter
Allows you to move a value from a source or a filter on the source.​
Add move relative option to move source filter
Move relative to current position instead of to an absolute position​
Allow edit transform text in move source filter
Add start delay and move next option to move source filter
Allowing to make a chain or loop of move actions​
move sources filter start trigger add enable option