Fix crash on closing OBS:
fix reference count transitioning scene containing the other scene
transition override filter add options to start move filter
transition override filter add match source
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Reactions: IDLT
  • fix reference crashes at shutdown
  • audio move support int settings
  • Add Audio Move filter
  • Move enable & disable from start trigger to separate option
  • Fix memory leaks in move value
  • Load properties on move values start
Fix loading multiple values
Add russian translation
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Reactions: IDLT and Advansys
add option to move multiple values
add stop trigger
group support for move source
fix crash when selecting itself in move value filter
update Spanish translations
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  • add simultaneous move option
  • add audio mute and fade options
  • add media actions
  • add custom duration option (use global transition duration)
  • made transform optional
  • new start triggers media ended and media started