fix simultaneous move not always starting
fix move source enabled but not moving
  • support OBS version 27 source transitions
  • move source transform show either scale or bounds, depending on the bounding box type
  • move source transform relative possible per transform setting
    pos: x+0.0 y+0.0 rot:+0.0 scale: x*1.000 y*1.000 crop: l*0 t*0 r+0 b+0
    • x 1.0 move x to the fixed value of 1.0
    • x+1.0 move x to the current value of x + 1.0
    • x-1.0 move x to the current value of x - 1.0
    • x*2.0 move x to the current value of x times 2.0
    • x/2.0 move x to the current value of x divided by 2.0
fix move source filter on groups not loading correctly
fix move single value not moving when no changes detected
fix crash selecting source in Move Source filter
fix move source action triggers not working when source is changed
fix audio move crash when selecting the filter itself as target
fix loading default values for move value filter multiple values
fix pt-BR translations
Fix crash on closing OBS:
fix reference count transitioning scene containing the other scene
transition override filter add options to start move filter
transition override filter add match source
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  • fix reference crashes at shutdown
  • audio move support int settings
  • Add Audio Move filter
  • Move enable & disable from start trigger to separate option
  • Fix memory leaks in move value
  • Load properties on move values start