add options for formatted text move

format for time examples:
time: %X time: 01:02:03
time: %R time: 01:02
time: %H hours %M minutes %S seconds time: 01 hours 02 minutes 03 seconds
for real time make sure the duration is set to the difference times 1000 and easing is set off

format float examples:
the value is %.0f the value is 1234
the value is %.3f the value is 1234.567
  • Add option to move text value
  • Add random option to move value

Fix move color value bug introduced in version 2.4.3
  • add move value support for color with alpha
  • make move value color linear
fix OBS 27 linear color blending
fix simultaneous move not always starting
fix move source enabled but not moving
  • support OBS version 27 source transitions
  • move source transform show either scale or bounds, depending on the bounding box type
  • move source transform relative possible per transform setting
    pos: x+0.0 y+0.0 rot:+0.0 scale: x*1.000 y*1.000 crop: l*0 t*0 r+0 b+0
    • x 1.0 move x to the fixed value of 1.0
    • x+1.0 move x to the current value of x + 1.0
    • x-1.0 move x to the current value of x - 1.0
    • x*2.0 move x to the current value of x times 2.0
    • x/2.0 move x to the current value of x divided by 2.0
fix move source filter on groups not loading correctly
fix move single value not moving when no changes detected
fix crash selecting source in Move Source filter