• Fix NVIDIA AR Move landmark combined with expression crash
  • Fix move value changing text info type
  • Fix error on closing OBS or switching scene collection with Audio Move filter
  • Fix group support for Audio Move and Move Action filters
  • NVIDIA AR Move add confidence filter
  • Move Transition improve source matching
  • Move Transition fix memory leak
Move Transition improved nested scene matching
  • Fix Move Transition in show and hide transitions
  • NVIDIA AR move not running on main OBS graphics thread
  • Move Transition fix potential freeze (deadlock) of OBS
  • Move Value add alpha support for color values (by @DeMineArchiver)
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Reactions: Monsteer and IDLT
  • NVIDIA AR move value extra checks
  • Fix audio move scale and bounds
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Reactions: Monsteer and IDLT
Add NVIDIA AR Move filter. Requires the NVIDIA AR SDK and a video card that supports it.

Download the NVIDIA AR SDK from:
fix crash using Move Action Source Visibility
  • Move Transition fixed match order
    1. override filter
    2. name
    3. Source Clone or Source Mirror
    4. name part
    5. same source type and settings, not scene or group
    6. nested sources
  • Move Action add frontend hotkey
  • allow moves with duration 0
  • fix move transition matching items don't show when the scene has not been loaded before