Apply Move Source get transform direct
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Added match scene with scene item
Going from a scene to a scene with that scene included or the other way around​
Made "Move Source" filter smoother
Update Spanish translations
Add Move Source filter
For moving sources without a transition.
For each position you want a source in, add the "Move Source" filter to the scene, select the source you want to move, position that source in the correct position and click "Get transform", set the duration of the movement, assign the hotkeys.​
ignore disabled filters
Fix source transition initialization
Use average z order of items
switched disappearing and appearing items
Warning: properties have changed since version 1.0.x this resets some settings.

  • Split easing and curve properties for matched items, appearing items and disappearing items.
    Now you can give appearing items an other curve and easing than disappearing items.
  • Added a override filter.
    You can use this filter on a source or a scene.
    If you use it on a source the override is used on all the scenes the source is used in.
    If you use it on a scene you can select the source of that scene that is affected.
  • Added positions (Left,Top,Right,Bottom)
    This allows you to swipe sources in a direction instead of towards a point.
fix transition video stop signal