CurrentSong Overlay [Spotify/StreamElements and more to come]

Free CurrentSong Overlay [Spotify/StreamElements and more to come]

The application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup.

Current Platforms/Features
  • Spotify
  • StreamElements
  • NightBot
  • Custom Song command for bots(StreamElements/StreamLabs/NightBot)
  • More features to come like(Custom designed SubGoal/Chat Overlay and custom nowplaying design)
1. Register on the website:
2. Verify your account with the link send to your registered email!
4. Login in!
5. Connect your Spotify,StreamElements or NightBot
6. Add the link on the dashboard as a browser source in obs or xsplit
7. You are good to start listening and start displaying your current song!

Discord: | Discord Server for Support and Updates!
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Latest updates

  1. StreamElements/NightBot Fix

    Fixed a issue for streamelements and nightbot where the widget would close instantly when...
  2. Small update

    Added connected username in spotify connected footer!
  3. Auth Token Fix

    * Fixed a issue where the api wouldnt grab a new token for a user from spotify! ^ You might need...

Latest reviews

Love the now playing and the developer is very helpful!