Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance

Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance v1.1.9

Out of beta and into production! Adding translations, and fixing documentation.

After giving it some thought and seeing a long period of productive success without major setbacks or crashes, we decided to go ahead and release the plugin for version 1.0.0, namely, a production release.

We invite the community to test and give feedback.
We will still look out to make more improvements and fix any bugs as they come.

What's Changed​

New Contributors​

Full Changelog: v0.5.19...v1.0.0
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Adding a low-light enhancement filter using neural networks, with GPU support.

We're also officially on Flathub: (might take a bit for the public listings to update and include our plugin)

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What's Changed​

In this release we focus on OS robustness and packaging, and minor runtime improvements. We fixed the DirectML acceleration on Windows and added GPU support in Ubuntu. We fixed the PKGBUILD. We added a fast Kawase background blur in GPU.

As usual - if you find value in our work and it helps you achieve your goals, consider supporting us on GitHub:

What's Changed​

Full Changelog: v0.5.17...v0.5.18
So many new things in this release! that make it overall a more robust and faster plugin.

  • Revamped rendering pipeline that is leaner and faster and relies on the GPU.
  • Won't hog the CPU if the video/filter is hidden or disabled.
  • Using pre-built ONNX runtime packaged
  • Fixing linux builds all around for Fedora, Arch, openSUSE etc.
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What's Changed​

New release! It's a big one... We've listened to your comments and made many things a whole lot better:

  • Background removal now works on any source! Including browser etc.
  • We've switched our rendering backend to GS filters, which means it works on groups and on cameras of all kinds.
  • Performance improvements were added, as well as better memory management.
  • Universal-only Mac OS build, since many people accidentally install the x86 version on the M1.
  • Feathering and background is fixed.
  • Bugfixes took care of random crashes.
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What's Changed​

  • Adopt stale bot by @umireon in #211
  • Remove leftover files from the old CI by @umireon in #210
  • Fix feather + background blur bug by @royshil in #217
  • Data in obs_source_frame must belong to the same bzalloc memory. by @umireon in #213
  • GS functions based rendering (supporting Browser sources and Groups) by @umireon in #220
  • Reuse texrender and stagesurface by @umireon in #221
  • Use placement new and explicit destructor for tf by @umireon in #222
  • Fix escaping on postinstall of Mac pkg by @umireon in #227
  • Use gs_effect_set_texture by @umireon in #228
  • Fixes #223 (Add locks for cv::Mat and skip processing when the source is deactivated) by @umireon in #224
  • Provide only the universal binary for Mac by @umireon in #229
  • Bump 0.5.16 by @umireon in #231
In this release:
  • Transparent background default (no more chroma key filter! )
  • Signed Mac OSX installers
  • Improved runtime performance
  • Smaller package size (removing old model)
  • Flatpak readiness

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What's Changed​

Full Changelog: v0.5.14...v0.5.15
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In this release we bumped onnxruntime to the latest 1.14.1, added Japanese translation, fixed bugs, and we're gearing up for various Linux builds. See the full change log below.

Thanks to all our contributors!

What's Changed​

New release! Many new things added... like a new model (PPHumanSeg), CoreML acceleration for Macs, and the ability to use the filter as an effect - aaand built-in background blur! (instead of matting color)

Please test out and let us know of any problems in the repo issues!

What's Changed​

We are very happy to announce that a new release is out with installers for all OSs!
Thanks to the diligent work of our contributors we're now set up with a CI pipeline that's robust and end-to-end, and new versions could start coming out much easily and consistently.

What's Changed​

  • OBS 28+ support
  • Mac M1/2 (arm64) support
  • Installers!
In this release
  • Upgrade to OBS v27.1.3 (latest) support
  • New realtime model Robust Video Matting (
  • Calculate mask every X frame - save on CPU cycles! (set to 2 for a 50% performance gain with unnoticeable quality drop)
  • Some internal abstraction of the models to make it easy to add more models in the future
  • More advancement on CUDA - but still no stable version... need help on this plz.

  • Windows (64bit): Unzip the file in the OBS directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\obs-studio), for example: > Expand-Archive .\ -DestinationPath 'C:\Program Files\obs-studio' -Force
  • Mac OSX: Unzip to /Applications/ e.g. $ unzip -o -d /Applications/
  • Archlinux: install the package e.g. pacman -U obs-backgroundremoval*.tar.zst