Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor 0.8.5

This was a serious void in OBS. Thank you for stepping up and your hard work. This solved so many problems I had! Seriously A+
Perfect free replacement for Voicemeter. Can do most of the things a normal person wants to use Voicemeter for, but is much easier to use :D
Amazing plugin and awesome support too! :)
I am so happy to have it. Still a little buggy but I am very hopeful that it will be further developed.
Please report any bugs you encounter to help me solve the bugs.
Excellent, now the pastor can hear easily through his spearks and me through my headphones!
Absolutely essential plug-in for anyone who cares about their audio!

I produce a virtual variety show, so being able to provide monitors ONLY for the channels my performers need to hear is absolutely essential!
Another much needed feature in OBS added by Exeldro. Very cool, thank you.
Cannot be more excited about such simple looking tool. Opens tons of possibilities , thanks for making it !
Controls like this should be built into OBS. Adds a needed and missing element to controlling your streams audio.
A much awaited audio tool... simply perfect ! :D
Actually revolutionising streaming! Why use 3rd party tools like voicemeeter when you have this super lightweight plugin! INSANE BROTHER!