Audio Monitor

Audio Monitor 0.8.5

So this is an amazing filter that in conjunction with Virtual Audio Cable allows me to host a Livestream with a guest, callers, and videos - but only on Windows 11. Does anybody know if there are plans to port this incredible capability to Linux? I am so done with Windows and MACs might even be worse.
Insanely useful plugin, probably one of the most essential for me to be totally honest. As much as I love OBS and am eternally grateful for free software, some of the default audio implementation and limitations are absolutely mind boggling. This plugin significantly alleviates this for me, thanks Exeldro :)

Tip: You can use this with virtual audio cables to send your OBS mic with all the filters and such applied into the rest of your programs for example. One of the many things more advanced audio routing allows!
the audio monitor filter get delay after few minutes and there is a bug with the mute linked to source muting option that sometimes it does not work when i mute the source there's still sounds. it just does not link to the source. but overall this is a very good plugin
Exeldro, I'm dropping by just to thank you for the tremendous work you do with these OBS plugins. I had an issue that was causing OBS to crash - as can be seen in previous comments - and with the new version, it's completely fixed. Seriously, thank you so much for your work. I believe your plugins are among the best.
Thank you!! This is awesome. I needed a way to send OBS sources to Mainstage and then back to OBS so I can master all the audio together in Mainstage. Boom, this is it. Great plug-in!
I love this plugin. Had some problems with the previous version together with Touchportal, but the latest version seems to be working ok.
Occasionally i get a crash when exiting OBS-Studio, but not while beeing streaming so it is acceptable.
Still my favorite plugin to this date :)
wonderful plugin, honestly I don't know why this isn't a built in feature in OBS. It does cause your OBS to crash after you're doing with your live stream when you exit OBS, but at least it doesn't crash during the stream. I have noticed others with the same issue. It's a usable plugin and the crash only happens when you close it - enough to live with it because it's such a nice plugin to have <3
Still crash with aktive Touch Portal!
Couldn't live without it, so glad it's fixed.
MacOS (Intel) Version is broken. Crash if multiple output was used.
It's a nice plug-in but OBS crashes everytime I exit OBS. In turn when I reload OBS it breaks all my audio sources loaded into a scene. I have to thus delete the sources and re add them again. Please fix this.
Mac OS downloader is broken! Package has nothing inside of it.

Would love to be able to use this!
Mr. Exeldro, I want to thank you for making this plugin. I had prerecorded a video that I had made as a test. For some reason I couldn't hear the audio via the monitor that is built into OBS 29.1.3. I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. I'm sure it was something I didn't check or uncheck, but I couldn't get it right. However, I remembered that I had installed your audio monitor and as soon as I opened it I heard audio! Time saver. Thanks!
There is no Linux version, in general there is no single plugin/programme that can do the same.
This plugin has the exact functionality i need to help my team of streamers no have to use voicemeeter!!! unfortunately, like the other recent reviews, connecting any sort of obs controller sort of program (Aitum in my case) resulted in an instant freeze/crash of obs.

I really hope exeldro manages to find time in their probably crazy busy schedule to fix this, because it would be a serious game changer for me!

still giving 5 stars i cant stomach giving exeldro anything less lol
Hi, thanks for this amazing plugin it help me a lot, but yep we have issues currently with the last versions of SAMMI Solutions, I hope that not be big deal, it crash sometimes when try to connect with the websocket v5.0.1 and also as @dibujando comments if you already set some source device, if not, it will connect with any issue.
Same experience that dibujandosentado had, except for the fact that I was using Deckboard and not Sammi. I think this could be related with the websocket protocol, or with some functionalities that the 2 plugins/apps have in common.
Hello, first of all I want to thank the creator of this application for their work. So far, I have been using it and it is one of the best plugins I have found for monitoring audio.
But lately, I have encountered a problem - which I have seen in the comments that someone else is also experiencing - and I cannot find a solution. My problem is that when I put any audio source and monitor it, when I open a program to control OBS - in my case, Sammi - OBS crashes. I have uninstalled the audio monitor plugin, reinstalled it, but no matter what I do, there is no solution. Inevitably, when Sammi connects to OBS, it crashes.

It's curious because, with the plugin installed but not monitoring any source, there is no problem. Sammi connects to OBS and I can do live streams. But if, with the program installed, I monitor any source, when Sammi connects to OBS, it crashes.

I really would like to find a solution. I'm not a programmer, but if you need any information to be able to solve it, I am at your disposal. For now, I can only provide you with the following data:
-so w11 pro (Updated to the current date)
-obs v. 29.0-2 (64 bit)
-Audio monitor v. 0.82

Regardless of whether the problem can be solved or not, I want to thank you for the work done, as for me it is the best audio monitoring application available for OBS nowadays.

This was working great in the past but now no matter what I do Track 1 is working but other tracks will eventually stop working with your audio devices one by one and there's nothing you can do for it. There's just so many issues with this it would take too much time to summarize it but prepare yourself to loose few hours. Avoid at all cost for any critical applications. It's such a shame that OBS doesn't include this by default.
I have tried multiple times to download this. I have an older imac. I have searched everywhere possible after i run the pkg. is there any tutorials out there that can help me get this to work?