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I have a 144hz gaming monitor and a 2nd 60hz monitor for OBS. A known issue is that having OBS on a different hz monitor can downscale the primary monitor to same hz (My case 144hz down to 60hz) noticing a huge difference when gaming. There is a solution where keeping OBS open on the gaming monitor but that ruins my preview and chat interaction. Capping FPS/Hz isnt an option for me. Any other work arounds other then dropping $ on another 144hz monitor or second gpu for an input? Pretty dumb my only options is to dump $ for a OS bug.


Unfortunately, this is a limitation in Windows itself, something to do with how many 3D accelerated programs you can have running at a time on different refreshrates. Microsoft are working on a solution, but untill then, we are all stuck with sub-par performance.
However, I did find that turning off hardware acceleration on Discord and Chrome might help, (it did for me) but might instead put load on your CPU. YMMV.



A while ago there was a message that the Windows update 2004 should fix the problem.

I tried it today.
I signed up with Windows Insider to get the 2004 update via Windows Update.
Then I had to install the 450 driver for my RTX 2070 (it is not yet officially available for download. I downloaded it from a forum).

I have the feeling that there is an improvement.

In COD I had previously lost frames over 3% when recording in game mode. I had 0.2% earlier.
I also have VSync on (I forgot to turn it off).

I currently have my main monitor running at 144hz and the other 5 all at 60hz. Games are all locked to 60FPS.

Before I always had lost frames or noticeable stutters in the video at 144hz.
That now seems to be over.
I want to look again tomorrow how it is with VSync turned off.

I just tried that it annoys me a bit, that I had to set my 144hz monitor to 60hz, for smooth recording.

Widows update via Insider in the update settings and find the Nvidia driver version 450.82 in a forum.
Possibly. in Windows with the graphics setting something else on or off.

I didn't do "more". I keep testing it.