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Hi all. I'm back again with issues regarding streaming and settings.
I recently upgraded my MOBO to Strix z390 Gaming with i5 9600k, and 16gb 2133mhz RAM. I also picked up a second 24", 144hz, monitor. I'll touch on this a little later. And of course a fresh install of Win 10. I should mention I do have an upload average between 12.5 and 14MBPS with downloads over 100.

Actual game play seems to be good, however when it comes to streaming, the S hits the fan and can't get a stream that's smooth. As i was writing this, i checked the log file that I was going to submit and noticed that the Game DVR setting was still on and I recall this might have helped me under my last build. No such luck this time. I ran a very quick test to get a new log file, attached, which I believe should be enough to help those who know, help me :) You'll notice the high percentage of dropped frames :(

Aside from that, the monitors. I currently have my old monitor connected via HDMI, and the "gaming" monitor via dvi. The DVI that has a bunch of pins, then the dash on the one end. I believe it's the dual link kind. Anyway I'm noticing that there is a bit of lag/choppiness, in OBS as I'm playing. I guess before I couldn't notice anything as OBS was behind my game. Would this, for whatever reason, cause an domino effect making twitch even choppier?
I'm quite frustrated as I was hoping to UP my stream game by getting better hardware, not make it worse.

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Are both your monitors running at the same refresh rate?

22:08:51.485: Output 'adv_stream': Number of lagged frames due to rendering lag/stalls: 1249 (35.1%)

Also your GPU is overloaded, suggesting you need to cap your in-game framerate.


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Narco to the rescue again :)

Monitors are not running at the same refresh rates. Old at 60, I believe, new at 144. Would this be a factor with streaming or just the choppiness seen in OBS which is running on the older monitor?

I'll look to cap the framerate but if there's an issue, wouldn't game play be affected? Is there a sweetspot i should be looking to hit?


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Also, I thought I had the Win Gaming features turned off...:S

22:05:17.800: Windows 10 Gaming Features:
22:05:17.800: Game Bar: Off
22:05:17.800: Game DVR: Off
22:05:17.800: Game DVR Background Recording: Off


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There is a known issue of problems in Windows when running 3D accelerated programs on monitors of different refresh rates.

The above gaming features are not "game mode", that is separate. Check the link in the signature.

It is normal (by design!) when game mode is on for Windows to devote as much GPU resources as possible to a single application. This means your game running as fast as it can, and OBS getting GPU overload messages.

The sweet spot is keeping GPU utilization at 90-95% constantly so there is overhead for OBS to work. However, game mode itself seems to interact oddly with the reporting of GPU utilization, such that users report OBS performance increases when turning it off while GPU utilization rates remained the same.


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...I lost my remote access this morning to my home desktop so I can't check things but I did have a thought.

I'm pretty sure my Strix Z390 board has a hdmi output and wondering if it would be useful to leave my gaming monitor on the GPU and move the old monitor to the onboard output. Does that happen to make any sense and if so could it help?