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Free UNP Now Playing - Pandora Youtube LastFM Spotify (web only) +31More 4.4


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Just letting you know I couldn't get this app to work. Tried the latest build, tried the developer build, tried older versions 2.81 and 3.10. Latest Firefox build

Most of the time it does not show up in toolbar to use, and if I try to add the icon(no picture) to either the menu or toolbar it simply disappears until I restore defaults. It may show up in the customize menu(just text), but as soon as I try to drag it or select something with it it disappears. thus can't use it. Can't get into configuration menu where I can save to a file.


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Yup already fixed in the dev version (
You can use the version 2.8.1 for now :)

I'll see what I can do, never really used nightbot :o
Well, it doesn´t seem to be working in UNP 3.1.1 - which I just downloaded - so it seemed like they had done some changes in nightbot again?
Working fine directly on youtube so my settings seem to be OK (had using %s% as format), but nothing was put into the file if I use the song request on

Well, this was the reason I had installed it, maybe you could change / fix it? Please... ;-)


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@Wylk Hello! I love your extension and I've been using it for some months, even if I had to start using Firefox while streaming (I'm a Chrome user and I would love to have the extension on Chrome, but I understand).

Is there any chance you'll add the Epidemic Sound web player to the extension?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!


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Hi great extension been using it for a couple of weeks now on spotify, deezer and soundcloud and it works great. Is it possible to add amazon music? Recently became a Prime user so it would be great if it was supported.

Thanks for the great work.


Wylk updated UNP Now Playing - Pandora Youtube LastFM Spotify (web only) +31More with a new update entry:


* (thanks to exofudge)

Title / Artist guessing improvements
Youtube / Soundcloud: now take artist from channel name if the artist name cannot be found in the title
New feature: Custom message after emptying the file
Fix image conversion to jpg (websites with image other than jpg should now works)
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