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Free UNP Now Playing - Pandora Youtube LastFM Spotify (web only) +31More 4.4


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It is no longer creating the .txt file anymore, and the one time it did, it recorded one song and never updated. Using this with FF. I've had go through many songs and nothing was recorded.

Edit: It just randomly worked now. Captured a YouTube video I was watching and now my Pandora.
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The Pr0taku

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Pandora has recently updated the site and seems to use firefox browser rather than Adobe Flash. UTNP no long updates for me. Does this need tweaking or do I need to do something on my end? Thanx for the help, i use this while streaming a great deal.


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after a recent playmoss update, it seems not to register what's playing anymore.
would it be possible to fix this in the future? :0


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Hi there.

Sadly, it seems that the Firefox extension didn't work anymore, i tried to find a tutorial to install the "program" version from GitHub but it's far too complex for me and when i drag and drop the 4.2 version in Firefox extension, it saying that the archive seems corrupted, i try to re-download again and again, just in case of a bad download issue but nothing to do, Firefox didn't want to install it like this and on the Firefox Application shop, there is only the 4.0 version, not the 4.1 or 4.2.

I tried to updated for the same reason as people above me, the Extension didn't want to create files, when i change the directories, the sub directories are created, but whatever i point, the XML, TXT or JSON Files are never more created, whatever option i use.

I hope this will be fixed or updated soon but maybe that not possible.

Thanks for your Time Wylk, you help a lot of people with this tool :) Thanks.


@NeonLightRT Yes, will do ! :)

@BrushBandit Thanks for the info, I'll fix that for the next version

@Varrgas Sorry about that, I had some issues when publishing the version 4.1 to AMO (Mozilla Add-ons). The version 4.2 is waiting for review, it should be up soon.
However it should work for most of the websites with 4.0. Have you tried with youtube for example ?


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yes i tried.

I think there is an other issue maybe because since it didn't work, each time i check the UNP option, there are default, even if i have change them before, and save of course. closing the tab, go in again to chek and it's still ok, there is what i done in the option Tab, but if i restart my PC... that all by default again Oo.
Maybe an issue from my side. But whatever i do and whatever i go, even on youtube, the plugin create the folder but never the .txt, or else.

Just check during writing the message, it works ! for the moment... i don't understand why, i didn't do anything special. that Weird !


Weird indeed :o
Seems like something prevent Firefox to store UNP settings. I use SimpleStorage API from Firefox Add-ons SDK.
Maybe another extension / external software is conflicting with UNP / Firefox SimpleStorage


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Has anyone been able to get this to work on Pandora since the update a few months ago to that site? I can't get any sort of application to read the Pandora Song Titles now. I used to use UNP for it, but it doesn't work for Pandora :/ I was hoping with a recent update it would get fixed, but still doesn't work. It works great for youtube..ect.. just not Pandora. Thanks!