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Free UNP Now Playing - Pandora Youtube LastFM Spotify (web only) +31More 4.4


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UNPN Now Playing Next - Pandora Youtube GrooveShark LastFM +29More - "Untamed Now Playing Next" is a Firefox extension who show what song is currently being played.

"Untamed Now Playing Next" is a Firefox extension which parses the song title and artist from popular online radio/music sites, and writes it to a file on your hard drive. Programs such as OBS can then read the file and display it on an overlay, allowing viewers to easily see what song is currently being played. At the moment, this extension is Windows only. This version ("Next") is the same as the original with some improvement by me (Wylk)....

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Wylk, I saw your post in the original thread and I figured I'd reply in the new thread now. This is what I see when loading the extension:


I'm inclined to think that it's the npNPAPIFileIOforChrome.dll due to the fact that when I extract the crx file and make use of my local build of that dll I don't see the NPAPI error. I just end up still not having anything being saved in the location I have specified for the text file or any indication saying that my settings have been successfully saved. Just end up with a 'Save' button that is a lighter color and can't be clicked after updating anything else.


Mind you, not only am I running Windows 8.1 Professional (x64), but am also running a development version of Chrome (Version 35.0.1883.0 dev-m) as I had previously stated in my original post.


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Hey wylk you said to post our console, when did you want us to hit f12? while on youtube or on the extension page?

edit: here is the pastebin for console on youtube (note this is on my windows 7 machine, it wasn't working on my windows 8 one either)

the extension is still working for pandora though :D


I can't reproduce your problem :(
I installed the development version of Chrome (35.x), in windows 8.1 x64. No problems at all :(


Yep just while playing something on Youtube.
I don't see any problems in your post :(
"UNP: Now Playing Success" Show that everything work well.

However I noticed that sometime, it doesn't work, for now as a workaround you can simply refresh the page (just once, in order to fill the cache).

(Sorry for my bad english...)


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I'm at a loss as to what is causing my issue then. Any suggestions I should take to see if I can get this working on my system (any debugging I can enable?)?

Looking at the console after using my build of npNPAPIFileIOforChrome.dll and clicking submit to save settings, the console reports:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function options.js:307
validateOptions options.js:307
(anonymous function) options.js:231

My line 307 of options.js is

if (!plugin.isDirectory($('#save_dir').val()))​

Line 231 is

if (validateOptions())
I have my save directory set to C:\Users\Dustin\Desktop\Twitch\unp which does exist.
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Ok, I managed to get it working after doing a refresh on my system (do to other reasons). I am seeing that the nightbot api doesn't work


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Please add functionality for youtube playlists

EDIT: looks like it works
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Songza recently revamped their site, so it doesn't seem to be working properly.

EDIT: I modified the code so it now works with Songza. Although I have a coding background, I have almost zero understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so your mileage may vary. Update the entry in content.js for Songza with the following:
        case '':
                if ($('span').hasClass('ui-icon-ios7-fastforward')){
                    var selector   = $('div.miniplayer-info');
                    var artistName = selector.find('.miniplayer-info-artist-name').find('a').attr('title');
                    var trackName  = selector.find('.miniplayer-info-track-title').find('a').attr('title');
                    var play       = artistName + ' - ' + trackName;

                    if (last !== play){
                            nowPlaying : play,
                            trackName  : trackName,
                            artistName : artistName,
                            albumArt   : $('div.miniplayer-album-art-wrapper').find('img').attr('src'),
                            url        : $('div.miniplayer-info-playlist-title').find('a').attr('href')
            }, interval);
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Hey, trying to use this but Chrome won't allow me to download extensions or scripts from OBS or github so I cannot "drag & drop" it into my extensions bar. I've also tried downloading it from firefox and doesn't "install" the extension.


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Hello there @Wylk , I'd like to ask if you can add support for a Chinese web online music service called Xiami (

For this site, the player starts with "" and for each music it playing, it changes the title tag to the music the player is playing.

I've found a tool to help me reading the title of a window but eventually I just can't find one. If you can add that site to the plugin that would make it easier for me. Thanks for reading and I appreciated your hard work on this nice tool.


Hello !

@Lunaus Use right click in order to save the '.crx' file then "drag & drop" it into the extensions tab
@zesty Done :)

New version 1.3 :
  • Added
  • Fixed:
  • New option: autoclear file if a music website is closed


This extension has been driving me nuts for quite some time now.

Can someone tell me why I can't get Youtube to work properly?

Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. My workaround was to play a Grooveshark song (that worked perfectly with UNPN) then go back to Youtube, and then it would work.

But now, even that doesn't work. Youtube works 40% of the time, and playlists don't work at all.

Help plz


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Today I tried using UNPN with Slacker and it seems to not be pulling the data from it. Works fine with Youtube and Pandora and such but for some reason it doesn't work with Slacker anymore.


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I have recently installed the newest version of this extension and I cannot get it to work with I have tried to reinstalling it but it will not work for Can somebody help me?


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@Wylk Im having trouble with Soundcloud playlists. It cuts off the first two letters of the artist when the song is played out of my own playlist. Otherwise it works fine.