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Free UNP Now Playing - Pandora Youtube LastFM Spotify (web only) +31More 4.4


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Spotify recently switched their web player's url from to would be awesome if you could adjust that.

Keep it up!


@Darachio Version 4.3 which fix spotify is on the way :)

Repost of the readme from UNP repository:

From Firefox 57 onwards, WebExtensions will be the only supported extension type, and Firefox will not load other types.Which mean that the actual version of UNP won't work anymore.
UNP rely on io/file api which doesn't exist in WebExtension API ( This means I'll have to create an external app in addition to simply porting UNP to WebExtension.

To be honest, I kind of lost interest in developping browser extension (and I'm not using UNP since years). But I'll probably to the work someday if enough people find this extension usefull (and are OK with running an external program in addition to Firefox or Chrome).
And, of course, patch are always welcome :)
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Yo legit made an account and all that to personally fucking thank you sir. I have been legit on the hunt for so long for something that will work with the bless ass GPMDP. I have used this google desktop app for a while now and I always hated searching through 30+ tabs to find my google music tab and switch it. This program always made sense especially since I have multi monitor set up. I have been search for a way to set it up with obs. Went to try the way but it wouldn't carry info over unless you use Spotify or another streaming app. A lot of options have chrome extensions which I am not a fan of lol. Unfortunately popular stream tools like moobot and stream labs have only integration for youtube and all that (song request/info).

Somehow came across your thread with GPMDP support and pretty much died. Tried it out and it works perfect m8. I will legit buy you a nice steak dinner eventually (donation) as a thanks. So once again thanks for supporting the app and making it easy to work with OBS.


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I'm on mac and I've installed UNP on firefox. This add-on was working for a while until recently. I noticed that the album art and text data wasn't loading. Does this no longer work for firefox on mac?


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I've just installed UNP today and it's not outputting Pandora information into the text file.

YouTube is working, however.

I'm using the newest version of Firefox as well, as that was also installed today.