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Free UNP Now Playing - Pandora Youtube LastFM Spotify (web only) +31More 4.4


Wylk updated UNPN Now Playing Next - Pandora Youtube GrooveShark LastFM +29More with a new update entry:

Untamed Now Playing Resurrection !

2.0 :
  • Ported for Firefox (to avoid NPAPI issues) !
  • Now support Linux/OSX/Windows !
  • Added:
    • JSON support (thanks to Nikki)
    • Proper XML escape support (thanks to Nikki)
  • Fixed:
    • Deezer (duration)
    • Soundcloud (thanks to Niller2005)
  • Language updated: fr_FR (thanks to preovaleo)
  • Nightbot support disabled (not ported yet)
  • Stream check disabled (not ported yet)
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New Member
hi there 1st off thanks for the awesome work.

but yeah struggling to get it to work, it seems Firefox is not creating the .txt file no matter what i try. i have tried what you suggested (saving to my docs) but no file is created ?

I am trying to use it with it states it supports it, but i know the site was recently updated is that the issue ?
if not could you help me out ?

Thanks in advance


New Member
I've also noticed that still doesn't work with the plugin? Or it seems very iffy about the site. Updated to the newest version and it still won't pickup the song I'm playing most of the time. Tested it with other sites and it picks it up from others immediately every time like soundcloud, youtube and a few others, but not deezer.


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Yeah same here works fine with most others, but not any chance it can be updated as i think that's the issue as the site had a massive overhaul recently


@Prokill Indeed doesn't work. Thanks for noticing it, I'll fix it asap !

@ltpliers humm It works fine for me. Have you the 2.1 version ? Or by "most of the time", you mean sometimes it actually works (which is really weird) ? In that case, can you give me a link to a song that doesn't work ? Thanks !


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Hey, i have the latest version but it doesn't seem to work with the spotify web player. Youtube works but not spotify. Am i doing something wrong or does it need a fix?


New Member
just wondering... what changes did the app got to get denied by chrome?
cause i just put the old version from original author (untamed) and its working fine on latest chrome verion......


@AwesomeRemco Yes sorry about that. A fixed build is available here :
(ref :

The chrome version still works, and will works at least until september 2015. But it's not easy to install.
Reason : The chrome version use NPAPI which is deprecated by Google and is going to be removed in sep 2015
See :
The lastest chrome version is here :
(And the source code here :

UNP for chrome is not abandonned yet. Untamed has found an API for chrome that should resolve the NPAPI issue.
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Miss Mutilation

New Member
Hi, I was just wondering how to get the text file. When I open OBS and click "add text" and "use text from file (UTF-8 or compatible) the untamed now playing next file I unzipped doesn't show up. Please can anyone help me?


New Member
Hey Wylk thanks for the work you're putting into this! :) I've been trying to get UNP to work with spotify so I visited but the text file does not seem to be updating. However it does work for youtube.

What I did noticed was the URL changing to after I select a playlist or something , I'm not sure if this might have something to do with it or if there is currently a bug where spotify won't work. Please advise. :)


Yep spotify wasn't working in the 2.1 version. I fixed it but didn't make a release. I was waiting for the mozilla review but it still didn't happend... Well they must be busy.

Sooo update time ! See below :)


New Member
Thank you for your fast response, Wylk.
I have uninstalled 2.1 and downloaded 2.2 to get a fresh installation. Settings were still correct after that however my issue seems to be persisting through the patch. Youtube it will instantly show the song that is playing however spotify either it does nothing or shows me files that are empty. This is on Firefox 38.0.1 is there anything you recommend me doing on my end to fix this?