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That's a bit confusing.
This already outputs to a text file. Not sure how Nightbot would be able to read it though.

Like, there's an option to send the data to nightbot, would it be possible to adapt this so it would read from a file then send that to nightbot.


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Hey I was wondering if it's at all possible to make this work with Beats Music? ( That's the website I currently use and I don't see any scripts out that can pull from it. Would be super useful if you could make this work with it!


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I have everything working but inside of OBS the text will not update on my stream even though the file updates with the correct song info. Any ideas anyone?


As amazing a job as Untamed and Wylk did I still can't believe a tool as useful as this still isn't available for firefox. Ah well. Maybe I'll get to use it someday, but it won't be along as it's chrome dependant! ;)

Best of luck,


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Hi everyone,
This is a brilliant Chrome extension. Thanks so much for your efforts! I'm using it to collect song info then display that in a Rainmeter skin.

One main feature I'd like to see, if possible, is favorite/heart status on so that I can display it within the Rainmeter skin. I found the elements on the Slacker page which indicate the heart ( -- not favorited; -- favorited), but looking at the content.js file for UNPN I've no idea how to add this ability. Other users may appreciate this feature as well, especially if support is added for more sites.

Also, it would be very nice if UNPN placed a transparent png when there's nothing playing, i.e. when it clears the song info from the stored txt file. It was trivial to create a 125x125px fully transparent png in GIMP, but I wouldn't know where to begin to have UNPN utilize it when there's nothing playing.

Thanks again to everyone who has some contribution, especially Wylk who has continued to maintain this from Untamed!


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Oh! Remaining skips available would be fantastic, too! (#mini-skip-count)

I'm quite happy to explore doing this on my own if someone is willing to give a little direction.

Thank you!


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Am I missing something or what.
I had to reinstall Chrome completely fresh....long story don't ask
I reinstalled the UNPN as dev just like last time and set it up I think the way I had it last time.And still using it with Pandaora, again just like last time.
However I could have sworn that when I closed Chrome that UNPN would clear the file it writes to. It's not doing it this time and I can't seem to find any setting that would do that unless I'm over looking something.


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So recently I've noticed that with the newer versions of Canary I can't save any settings in the program. Any idea why? Getting the stupid "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" error when attempting to save. And I have it set so Everyone has permission for everything in the chrome folders.


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I have been trying to get this but I simply cannot manage to change the default "no album" artwork.
I tried changing the included jpg and tried changing some of the javascript in proxy.js with no luck. Hopefully the developer or someone here could help...


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Is there any chance of getting this placed on the Chrome Store? Google stopped allowing the use of extensions that aren't from the store which is super frustrating. Wish they wouldn't coddle the userbase.