Twitch VOD Track not appearing on Advanced Output mode on settings


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The title itself is the main problem. I searched everywhere but it seems that I am the only one that is experiencing this problem, hence, I cannot find any solution which is why I am here.

I already installed Twitch Soundtrack app of course. But the very first weird thing that happened after I installed the app is that, the desktop audio in the audio mixer of my OBS is gone but the twitch VOD plugin is there. Then what I did is that I added Desktop Audio 2 from the settings then I selected my one and only audio source which is my headphones. But then what happened after is that, the audio of the twitch soundtrack app only shows audio level in desktop audio 2 in my obs. Considering the said situation, all the other desktop audio EXCEPT twitch app soundtrack shows audio level on the "VOD audio soundtrack by twitch" in the audio mixer, and the desktop audio also shows level at the same time at the desktop audio 2 in the audio mixer.

To sum the situation up, desktop audio including twitch app soundtrack audio is being captured by my desktop audio 2, while the "VOD audio soundtrack by twitch" only captures desktop audio but not the twitch app soundtrack audio.

I think all of this is the cause of the said problem in the title. Please help me, thank you so much.