Question / Help Threadripper 1950x Dropping frames while twitch streaming


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The Sole purpose of my pc is to stream console games at 1080p 60fps at the slow preset 6000 bit rate
this processor should be capable of handling that but it cant even handle 720p 60fps on medium which my i7 can do so i am at a loss :(
i appreciate any help that anyone can bring it is very much appreciated and i included a log file as well

also thats the same bit rate i use when i stream on my i7 and generally have 0 or at the most 0.02%


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I think it may be a bottleneck due to my slow ram speed of 2100, I updated the bios and now i can stream 1080p 60fps on medium, not dropping frames but its still a little choppy, not quiet where i want it, i stream daily though, it was an internal error somewhere that caused those first drops since it worked fine after bios update but im not sure how to get it where its as smooth as i want