StreamFX (for OBS Studio)

StreamFX (for OBS Studio) 0.10.0 Beta 3 (Testing)


have a "what" issue
after update from version 7 or 8 to the current 9
the first start stuck over 10 Minutes in OBS active but not starting the GUI then killed and restart OBS
launched default with the update streamfx window
now i have the filter 2x?
remove and install still all 2x

i am not true currently but it can be true that i have still the "old" plugin that merged into streamfx and only forget that its alltime "doubled"
but forgot the name of the old to confirm if that double came from that

sorry for my "bad" and confused "english"

edit: OBS 26.0.2 64Bit Windows 10 up to date
FYI, Page 15 Post 300

MacOS is supported, however you will have to build the plugin yourself, or find someone who can do it for you. Alternatively, pay someone to implement the necessary Mac changes, as I will personally not do anything for Mac support - I don't have a Mac, and none of the offered machines come even close in value to their price, so I'm not buying one either. Since both Windows and Linux, my main operating systems, are supported, this is as far as I'll personally take it.
B-Frame Reference Mode

As some of you may know & have experienced, B-Frame Reference Mode can be set to "Middle" for streaming but must be "Disabled" for recording due to a bug in the FFMPEG version that's included in the current version of OBS 26.0.2. But, if you follow the directions below & replace FFMPEG in OBS you will be able to set it to "Middle" on your recordings too. I ran an extended test yesterday without fail & there's a nice bump in encoding efficiency.

OS: Windows
- Install the current version of OBS (nov/2020 : 26.0.2)
- Download the current SHARED library build of ffmpeg (nov/2020 : 4.3.1) (
- Extract the contents of the ffmpeg zip file
- Navigate to the \bin folder of ffmpeg
- Copy all the .dll files
- Navigate to C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit folder (or where ever you have obs installed)
*optional* backup the original .dll files that have the same filename as the ones copied from ffmpeg (Rename and/or move the original .dll files)
- paste the .dll files extracted from the ffmpeg folder
You can delete the ffmpeg folder if you wish.


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Do not do this. This has significant side effects, and you should wait for OBS Studio to ship updated FFmpeg binaries instead. The current Release Candidate has updated FFmpeg to 4.2.4+SRT changes, which fixes the b_ref_mode bug.


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Xaymar updated StreamFX (for OBS Studio) with a new update entry:

StreamFX 0.9.2

Unicode Support
The majority of features in StreamFX now support Unicode paths, fixing the issues many people had with the Updater and About StreamFX dialog appearing every single time. This might also explain some odd crashes where users had correctly installed the plugin, but the plugin would crash anyway.

Shader filters and Source Mirror sources now support duplication!
Both the Shader filter as well as the Source Mirror source used to ignore the settings given to it when...
Read the rest of this update entry...


thanks this solved a problem for me. I needed to blur some motion graphics behind song lyrics. It wasn't much of system hit at all.
Do not do this. This has significant side effects, and you should wait for OBS Studio to ship updated FFmpeg binaries instead. The current Release Candidate has updated FFmpeg to 4.2.4+SRT changes, which fixes the b_ref_mode bug.
Thx X! I never had any issues but it's water under the bridge now. Updated to 26.1 last night & as you said B Reference Mode (Middle) works perfectly now.


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So i just installed StreamFX but the Shadow option does not seem to work for me no matter what settings I use. Anyone got an Idea why that could be.


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Recently discovered this plugin this morning and I've been trying to figure it out. All of the other effects work, but SDF (trying to put a drop shadow beneath my camera) refuses to work. I'm not sure what's going on after following the tutorials from other YouTubers and the written one linked here, but the effects literally won't show up. I can mess with the dialers, I've used nested scenes for the camera, and no matter what I've done nothing is changing. Can someone offer some help here?


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Probably been asked before, but I don't really know how to phrase the search.
I use source mirrors to duplicate my camera in separate scenes to make various effects, like zero saturation or "disco" rainbow filter. All these scenes are then added to my camera scene as nested scene sources, that can be toggled on and off by my viewers to temporarily change how I look on stream.
When it does work, it's great, BUT for some reason, it doesn't work on its own, when I launch OBS. I have to manually go through all the scenes with source mirrors of my camera and double-click these source mirrors - then the plugin seems to choose the source that it didn't see before and the given scene starts working correctly - but I still have to repeat the same process on all other scenes with mirror sources.
Just updated both OBS and StreamFX to the latest versions, but the problem still stands. What did I set wrong?
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I recently added a blur effect to one of my embedded scenes, and randomly it just puts like 90% load on my GPU and i get rendering lag in OBS, but when i fiddle with the scene, and hide, and show it a few times it sorts its self out. Is there a reason for this? or am i doing something wrong?